Top 10 Best Steam Cleaners 2020 UK

Purchasing the best steam cleaner is a good investment as you can also save more money in the long run. If you are shopping for a new steam cleaner, you must know that there are lots of models available on the market. Some factors that should be taken into consideration include price, style, and brand.

Buying a steam cleaner from top brands is a good idea. Don’t forget to check what features they offer. Our review here looks at the best steam cleaners that you can buy in 2017.

Top 10 Best Steam Cleaners 2020 UK

Let us begin with some best steam cleaners that we have tested below. These are some best choices that you can consider.

1. Karcher SC3

Karcher SC3 can deliver non-stop steam without any interruption. This steam cleaner is packed with great features like automatic descaling system and 3.5 bar pressure for deep cleaning.

The design is also great as the device comes with a small and compact design, thus you can carry it around easily. When you are using this steam cleaner, you may find it surprising that it can kill 99.9% of bacteria. It also comes with the water tank which can be refilled while the machine is in use.

Another feature is the addition of the comfort floor tool which gives you easy access to the most awkward spaces.

2. Vax S7 Total Home Master

If you are looking for a quality, budget-friendly steam cleaner, then Vax S7 Total Home Master should be taken into your consideration. This is a multifunction steam mop that comes with the integrated handheld.

Using this machine, it should be a lot easier when cleaning your sealed hard floors. There is no need to waste your time cleaning the floor as it can handle this task in a more effective way.

With the use of the angular floor head, it can reach into corners and awkward places easily. It is ideal for use in busy homes with pet and children.

3. Vileda Steam Mop

It is not easy to find a powerful steam cleaner that is available at an affordable price. Fortunately, Vileda Steam Mop is one of those options. It can kill 99.9% of bacteria on your floor without using any cleaning chemicals.

There are also some accessories included and one of them is the carpet glider for refreshing carpets. One of the most impressive features is its ability to heat up in only 20 seconds.

This steam cleaner is suitable for use on all sealed hard floor types. Once you have purchased this Steam Mop, you will also receive filling jug and 2 durable microfiber cleaning pads.

4. Karcher SC1 Premium Steam Cleaner

This is a handheld steamer which can produce 3 bars of pressure, thus it is very powerful when used as a steam mop. It is suitable for quick clean-ups around the home.

It does a great when job when used on tiles, floors, taps, shower screens, and mirrors. With some accessories available, there is no doubt that

Karcher SC1 cleaner is very versatile. Speaking of the design, this unit is compact, lightweight, and easy to use. There is a simple on/off steam operation on the handle which makes it a lot easier when the unit is used to clean large areas.

5. Hoover SSNH1000

If you need a powerful steam cleaner that is light and easy to use, make sure that you include Hoover SSNH1000 on the list. With the use of an ultra-light design, this steam cleaner is a perfect machine for everyone.

It weighs only 1.6 kg, thus it can be carried around easily. To deliver the best performance, this product also uses high-pressure steam with no detergents so that it can remove grime in various areas including the most awkward places.

It also comes with a good size water tank and you can also find it available with a useful range of tools.

6. Vax S85-CM Steam Cleaner

There is nothing better than cleaning the floors with Vax S85-CM Cleaner. It is a multifunction mop and h the detachable handheld which allows you to clean all around your home effectively.

If you have used other models and you realize that they are heavy, then you won’t encounter this issue with this Steam Cleaner. In fact, it is lightweight and it works great when used on sealed hard floors including laminate, wood, and tile.

With the use of the reusable and washable microfiber pad, it can remove grease and grime easily. To clean tiles, taps, windows, and mirrors, Vax S85-CM Steam Clean can also be converted into a handheld.

7. Polti Vaporetto Go Steam Cleaner

Polti Steam Cleaner is another compact, lightweight, and reliable steam cleaner that you can consider. Thanks to its compact design, this steam cleaner is easy to carry.

With the use of the practical shoulder strap, you can also choose to lift it. Another option is to pull it as it comes with the wheels. The size is small, but it is very effective against bacteria and germs.

You can also adjust the amount of steam delivered, thanks to the knob available on this steam cleaner. Since there are no detergents required, Polti Cleaner is also environmentally safe.

8. Morphy Richards 720022

When looking for the best steam cleaner, Morphy Richards 720022 should be included on the list too. This unit comes with lots of things that are required so that you can clean all areas in your home effectively.

For example, when the machine is used in the upright mode, you can clean sealed hard floors and freshen up carpets easily.

You can also use this steam cleaner in the handheld mode in which you can clean some areas that are hard to reach. Another feature is the use of the floor head which is designed to offer easy manoeuvrability.

9. Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro

This is one of the most powerful steam cleaners that we have tested so far. It comes with the steam power up to 4.5 bar thus cleaning the floors can be done effectively without wasting too much time.

It is also equipped with a professional steam pressure indicator and other cool accessories for special cleaning from barbeques to wheel rims. The best part is that there is no need to use chemicals when cleaning the surfaces.

It also means that the machine is totally safe. If you have children, then you must choose Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro cleaner. It also comes with some optional accessories such as wallpaper stripper, pressure lance, and steam disinfector accessory.

10. Quest Handheld Steam Cleaner

Quest Handheld Steam Cleaner comes with many accessories that are useful for every cleaning job. It is a powerful steam cleaner that doesn’t use chemicals, thus it is a perfect choice for those who have children.

Using this device, you can clean all areas effectively without finding any issues. It can clean stubborn dirt and kill bacteria with the heat of the steam jet.

There are 9 accessories available which should be more than enough when used to handle various cleaning jobs. It also comes with a 250ml cup. The best part is that it only takes 4 minutes to heat up.


No matter what brand you choose, choosing a steam cleaner that is safe and easy to use is important. Safety should be taken into your consideration first before you decide other features that you need. In other words, it is important that your floors are not only clean but safe for your children.

We have listed some best steam cleaners that can be used without chemicals such as Quest Handheld Steam Cleaner and Polti Vaporetto Eco Pro. You can also find other steam cleaners listed here that let you clean areas that hard to reach.

These are some best products that we have tested and it is your decision to pick the best steam cleaner that you like the most.