Sound bars have become a necessity nowadays now that TVs are getting slimmer and thus affect their sound quality. It’s because there is less room for a sound system. People make sound bars their preference because they are basically less expensive and way easier fix than buying a whole add-on component system.

Generally speaking, there are several speakers in a sound bar as well as electronics that can power them in a single module which you connect to a TV. This allows for receiver free functionality. There are some variations too, i.e. some come with a separate subwoofer, wireless or rear speakers. If you are thinking of getting a better sound in your home, get the best sound bar that fits your needs and expectations.

If you get the correct sound bar for your TV, then your watching experience will be all the more fun and fascinating. What make sound bars stand out is you don’t need wires that usually come with general surround-sound system so they are totally frustration-free. Here are our top rated sound bar list you can consider if you think about purchasing one.

Top 10 Best Sound Bars 2019 UK

1. Bose Solo 5 TV

This sound bar comprises a sound bar that does an excellent job at delivering distinctly improved sound quality for your all of your favorite TV programs. You will be able to hear more dialogue for it brings clarity to the audio and sound effects.

There is a dialogue mode which will make each word definitely stand out. It’s convenient too because you can position it practically everywhere you like. Furthermore, it features built-in Bluetooth technology so you can listen to your playlist wirelessly as well.

It only requires one simple connection to your TV. There is a universal remote you can use to command your TV bass module. The set includes one sound system, universal remote control, optical and coaxial digital audio cable and a power cord. Enjoy a richer soundtracks, deeper bass and clearer dialogue with this Bose Solo 5 TV sound system.

2. Mighty Rock Sound Bar

The next on our top sound bar list comes from Mighty Rock. If you don’t know this already, Might Rock is a popular company that make high-quality Wi-Fi speaker, Bluetooth speaker, vibration speaker as well as Bluetooth headphones for almost 10 years.

Just like their other products, their sound bars can give you immersive full-range experience with its dual 15w speakers features. There is a remote control that comes with it too for music playback, device settings and other purposes.

Connecting it to your TV is a breeze as well for it supports RCA/AUX/Optical/Bluetooth connections. There are three kinds of sound mode offered: music, movie and news. Its design is space saving and elegant and you can pick one that matches your TV. Place it on the table, mount it on the wall, shelf, practically everywhere.

3. Majority Snowdon Soundbar

This sound bar has built-in subwoofer surround sound with 120W speaker so you can get a pretty impressive cinematic sound out of it. Its wireless Bluetooth allows for device streaming through your smartphones or tablets and enjoy easy streaming on your favorite music apps such as Spotify or Apple music.

With all those impressive features, you will surely get experience that your TV alone cannot provide. You can use it as soon as you can thanks to its easy setup and personalize the sound of your audio.

The supplied remote allows you to tailor the audio among music, dialogue or movie and you can easily adjust the treble as well as bass settings with it too. More features include a 3.5 mm aux input, optical cable connection and RCA aux input.

4. LG LAS260B

This LG sound bar has totally perfected the spectrum of sound with its amazing 100W power. Its ultra slim design is so stylized so it can complement your TV’s design well. You can stream music wirelessly from your smartphones or Bluetooth TM enabled device on this LG sound bar.

It has no universal remote control but it has a Bluetooth remote app. basically you only need to download the LG Bluetooth TM remote app for your smartphone so you can control the sound bar. There is an AUX connectivity where you can play music by simply plugging your device in via 3.5 mm jack.

Its subwoofer technology features wireless/ bass reflex. Power cable comes in the package although you must buy the optical cable separately.

5. Samsung HW-J355

What makes this particular model by Samsung is worth mentioning in this thread is because it has four built-in speakers so it’s guaranteed to enhance your TV experience with its rich, distinct and powerful sound. The box includes one sound bar, sub woofer, R/C, set up guide and two batteries.

The power output is 120 W so it’s a great sound bar to start your party with! You can enjoy wireless music with this from your connected mobile device too. Samsung is one of the most well-known and trusted brands for home entertainment.

This sound bar is able to provide you with so much, scale, clarity and of course bars. It can be connected to your Samsung smart TV if you have one and it does have an optical digital connection too.

6. Panasonic SC-HTB488EBK

With its 200 W sound bar power, you will totally experience a game-changing TV experience. This is an impressive bit of kit for it’s elegantly designed to match your TV and it features two independent speakers as well as powerful wireless subwoofer.

Those two units combined will totally fill your entire room with strikingly distinct, rich, clear and rounded sound being far more immersive and dynamic. Plus, you will need no cords whatsoever thanks to its wireless subwoofer. It features Bluetooth wireless technology as well and a remote control.

You want to mount it on the wall? Put it on the table? Place it on the shelf? All of it can be done! If you only want to use the bar and subwoofer for a Bluetooth speaker only then go for it.

7. TaoTronics TV Soundbar

Traditional Hi-Fi speakers should be scared when it meets the TaoTronics sound bars. This model by TaoTronics allows wired multiple wired connection abilities such as LINE IN, Coaxial, Optical, and RCA IN. meanwhile, your smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices can connect without requiring wired connection.

This 34 inch, 40 watt 2.0 channel audio wins the best sound bar category for versatility because its touch controls feature a high grade metal control unit on the side that responds to even a slight touch where you can adjust volume, play and pause music or select tracks so if you lose your universal remote, it’s no biggie.

It has a beautiful contemporary design and you can place it practically anywhere.

8. LG Electronics LAS355B

Despite its minimalist design, this sound bar by LG can deliver maximum sound. It has 120 W power of sound and wired external subwoofer so you can free up space in your room because you don’t need wires.

Want to stream your favorite playlist on this sound bar? Do it via Bluetooth TM! Like the aforementioned model by LG, this one also has a nifty LG Bluetooth remote app so you can control your LG devices on-the-go.

Its 3D sound through its unique cinema surround processor sound calibration technology makes you to have your own personal cinema in the living room. Its specifically designed to match your 42 inch LG TV.

9. MEGACRA SoundBar with Bluetooth connection

Want to always have real-life like experience when watching movies at home? With MEGACRA sound bar you have the capability to set it to 3D mode so you can have TV experience to its maximum level!

The box contains quite impressive set such as one 2.0 channel sound bar optical and RCA 3.5 mm audio cable, remote control plus batteries, power adapter and AC cable, user’s manual and service card and mount brackets and wall mounting template.

There are a lot of audio inputs offered like Optical, Coaxial, Line In, Aux In, USB or wireless Bluetooth (where you can play your favorite music playlist too). Connect this with whatever device you like, be it TV, mobile phone, tablet, projector, PC, PSP or Network Player. It can deliver crystal clear sound up to 100dB ( 2 x 25W full-range drivers, 2 x 15W tweeters, 2 x bass reflex tubes and maximum to 60W output).

10. TaoTronics 21 Inch 36W

The last on our list for best sound bars comes from TaoTronics again. With its 21 inch design, you will not need to spare a huge space for this in your room. This mountable sound bar pairs via Bluetooth from up to 33 feet or 10 cm or you can connect it with the in-unit 3.5 mm, Optical and RCA inputs.

However, if you feel like going for a wired setup, you can simply use its included optical cord. Whatever choice you decide to go for, you still get pure, unaltered audio production.

It includes a high-sensitivity IR remote as well where it displays various modes by means of various colored LED lights. It doesn’t require battery to be able to operate.


Sound bars are definitely great if you have a medium or small space and want a simple fix to enhance your TV’s sound. This list is meant to make you feel slightly less overwhelmed and more informed about this subject because there are just too many options on the market right now.

Find one that fits your budget but still meets your need out of this list. Better decide how many channels you want first before buying. If you only want to enhance your TV sound then 2.1 channel sound bar with two front channels and a separate enough should do well.

However, if you want to achieve a thorough surround sound then a sound bar with rear speakers and a subwoofer should be on your list.