Are you looking best sewing machines to sew? Well, if the concept of sewing and how much fun you can have with it interest you so much then it’s time to get a sewing machine. You definitely need a guidance on this because just like any other product, there are a lot of options to choose from on the market. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying one that is just useless because it’s cheap or that it looks great.

Well, sometimes looks aren’t everything and this applies to sewing machines too. You need to know what certain features that should be in a sewing machine and of course, it should meet your sewing needs and style. With so many brands, features, price ranges and stitches, buying a sewing machine sure can be overwhelming. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place for we have just exactly what you need: a comprehensive list of high quality sewing machines worth buying you should consider.

Top 10 Best Sewing Machines 2019 UK

1. Brother LS14 Metal Chassis

Let’s start off our list with a product from Brother. This traditional metal chassis sewing machine offers 14 stitches and if you love to make dresses or look for an everyday household sewing then this is a perfect choice for you.

It comes with a jam proof drop in bobbin where you can see how much bobbin thread is left. Furthermore, its LED Day Time Lighting System is really handy for you can thread colors without making it distorted. This machine is only compatible with plastic bobbin and a metal bobbin might affect stitch quality.

The box includes zigzag, buttonhole, and zipper foot, set of needles, bobbins, disc screw driver and foot controller. For a non-computerized machine, this offers impressive durability and that’s why it is worth mentioned in this best  list.

2. Uten Electric Overlock

This electric sewing machine is perfect if you are just starting out. Kids and sewing aficionados should consider this too. It has a built-in 12 stitch patterns so it’s guaranteed to meet the entire household various needs of DIY sewing.

This machine is rife with features too such as 2-speed, double thread, replaceable foot where you can change different presser foot to match your needs, LED sewing light, reverse sewing which is extremely handy for taking care of end of seams and ensuring for no loose ends and many more. Its buttonhole and over-lock function allows you to customize stitches.

It has thread cutter and mini hidden drawer for handy storage. There’s an 18 cm long ruler printer on the machine and the winding function makes it convenient to wind the bobbin thread. In addition, it features EVA Anti-slip bottom pads so the machine will stay firmly and safe to use.

3. Singer Model 1507

Another sewing machine that is ideal for beginners. This 8 stitch machine can do well for simple projects like fashion sewing, home decorating, crafts or just decorative sewing. The stitch selection is simple and can be applied with just the turn of a dial.

The adjustable stitch length allows you to keep seams strong and prevent them to bunch on pretty much any type of fabric. The zigzag width can be set for a maximum of 5 mm so the stitch will be bolder and more pronounced. Thanks to its automatic four-step buttonhole, you will always get professional-looking results every time.

Its removable free arm and on-board storage allow for instant access to cuffs collars and sleeves. You won’t need screwdrivers no more because with its four snap-on presser feet, you can change from one presser foot to another with only a snap. It’s designed with impressive heavy-duty metal frame with front loading bobbin type.

4. Anself Over-Lock Electric Sewing Machine

This sewing machine by Anself can take care of baby clotes, bed sheet repair, DIY bags and other decorations. It comes with an impressive 12 stitch patterns, concealed drawer for handy storage, and a sewing light. All of them are the needed requirements for a top sewing machine.

To top it off, it includes thread cutter that can save more time, tension adjuster and a measuring tape. The 18 cm long ruler printed on the sewing machine only adds to the convenient list. Expect neat, firmer, and straight stitches with its double thread with high and low speed.

You can wind the bobbin thread easier now with its winding function and the forward and reverse sewing function provides usefulness to reinforce end of seams and avoid loose ends. Of course, it has adjustable stitch length and zigzag width. You can sew sleeves easily as well with its buttonhole and over-lock function.

5. Brother L14

While it might not be full of features like its pricey competitors but it still offers loads of sewing machine for what it’s worth. It can deliver smooth and quiet sewing with 14 stitches that can cover up almost all the basics for garments, zigzag or stretch stitches.

This is another ideal machine for beginners where it will do its job perfectly for basic repairs and alterations. It comes with a strong metal chassis, easy operation and LED sewing light. It has a top load bobbin and a three years warranty too! It has been certified for frustration-free.

There is also a reverse stitch feature included and it definitely comes with a stitch length adjustment. For a lightweight machine, this is exceptionally good to treat jeans.

6. Singer 441 Heavy Duty

If you are looking for a true workhorse that offer faster sewing then this one is for you. With 1.100 stitches per minute and 60% stronger motor, you can sew through heavyweight fabrics with ease. It comes with a heavy duty metal interior frame and stainless steel bedplate where fabrics can slide freely across the machine arm.

You are treated with lots of convenient features too like top drop-in bobbin to monitor the bobbin thread easily, drop feed for free motion sewing that can add new dimensions of ease and a fully automatic 4-step buttonhole.

It’s a 11 built-in stitches where 4 of them are for decorative stitches and one for auto buttonhole which make it perfect for crafts, clothing construction, home décor and much more. Expect professional results every time with its free arm for easy access to collars, cuffs, pant hems and other areas that are naturally difficult to reach.

7. Brother FS40

Another model by Brother that has impressive handy features and offer great results is its FS40 model. This electronic sewing machine features 40 stitches so it definitely covers all the basics for garment construction, blind hem, decorative, stretch, zigzag stitches and many more.

What makes this one of the best sewing machines is the fact that it’s a great choice for advance sewers but also packed will features for beginners as well. Its start/stop button and slide speed control provides control over the machine with your hands with no foot control included.

More features include : a drop in bobbin, an automatic bobbin winder, a reverse sewing button, LED light and 5 x 1 step buttonholes. Its automatic stitch selection and stitch length and width control makes this easier to use. You can use all of your imagination with the help of its 7 included feet for maximum embellishment. A 3 year warranty is included too.

8. Milkee Small Sewing Machine

Like the previous brands mentioned in our list, this one is worth mentioning because it is packed with a handful of impressive features such as replaceable presser foot, 12 stitches, reversing function, over-lock function, automatic thread rewind and sew button.

This stylish and contemporary 12 stitch sewing is great for beginners or those who haven’t tried sewing for a few years and feel kind of rusty. The double speed and double thread machine comes with 8 built-in stitch modes so you have plenty of options to choose from including zigzag stitch.

The thread cutter is another handy feature worth considering and you won’t miss all the tiny details in your work thanks to its sewing light. There is a concealed drawer at the end of the machine for handy storage.

9. Brother AE1700

Another product by Brother that we deem is great to be included in this thread of sewing machines. This traditional metal chassis sewing machine features 17 stitches so if you want to make dress or furnish your home this one is a great option to consider.

Whether you are new or an advanced sewer, an adult or a kid, this model is suitable for all ages. It features a drop in bobbin, an automatic bobbin winder so you can say good bye to manual bobbin wind.  Its 4 step button holes allows you to sew different sizes of button holes.

It features an LED light, a reverse sewing function and Twin needle and Zipper foot as well so you can embellish your work all the way. It comes with a quick and easy stitch selection.

10. Costway Multifunction Sewing Machine

The next on our list comes from Costway that has a lot of handy features as well including sews sleeves, hidden drawer, built-in sewing light, thread cutter and automatic thread rewind.

It can sew some hard-to-reach areas like cuffs or pant legs with free arm function. Its unique adjustable zigzag width and stitch length design makes it easier to customize your stitches.

This is one multifunction sewing tool you should not miss out on because it includes all the necessary and important features a sewing machine should have such as thread bag, foot pedal, replacement holder, all-purpose presser foot and many more. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to be carried everywhere you want.

Janome 525S

The last on our list is from Janome. This is in fact a really popular sewing machine and it even won a major consumer magazine award for “Best Buy”. It features a well-balanced range of stitches. Its jam proof drop in system provides smooth and stress-free stitching.

It comes with a dial stitch selection and an automatic one step button for easy buttonholes sewing. It includes accessory storage and a hard cover for maximum protection. The automatic needle threader removes the strain out of the threading the needle.

More features include quilting guide, over-edge foot, zipper foot, standard foot, auto sliding buttonhole foot, spool pin- spare, felt, spool holder large and small, lint brush, seam ripper, and foot control. What more can you expect from this? It doesn’t require any battery too and you get a two year warranty for purchasing this.


Sewing is definitely a fun activity for those who have mastered the art of it. You still can enjoy it even if you are new to this. Just make sure you get the best sewing machine that meets your style and needs.

Whether it’s an electric or a traditional one, if you think it will fit for everyday use then you should go for it. It’s better to get one that matches your budget too. Don’t easily be seduced by the number of stitches offered by the machine. Just get one that includes stitches you will use in the future.