Top 10 Best Hand Mixers 2021 UK Review

The mixing dough has got to be the messiest and most annoying kitchen activity for most of us, right? The dough has to be battered perfectly otherwise the results will affect your loved ones’ and your stomach. Sometimes the disaster that comes from bad baking stems from the mixer not doing its job properly. That’s why everyone should go for a high-quality mixer.

This article provides a comprehensive list of hand mixers worth purchasing. You don’t need to get an expensive big machine to beat your dough perfectly because hand mixers can do their job just as good. As long as you know your preferences, then you can get your hand on the impeccable electric hand mixer. Whether it can run within the range of 7 or 9 speeds, you will find hand mixer extremely useful if it lives up to your expectations.

Read our review for best hand mixer brands available on the market right now!

Top 10 Best Hand Mixers 2021 UK

1. VonShef Hand Mixer Professional 300W

Let’s start off our thread of best hand mixer with this product by VonShef. This versatile hand mixer comes with 300W motor and turbo setting so it’s perfect for cooking and baking. The speed setting is thumb-operated for easy application so you can whisk, mix and knead with no trouble.

Its compact design is lightweight. It’s dishwasher safe and requires quick cleaning. The set includes 2 beaters, 2 dough hooks, one balloon whisk and electric hand whisk with 1.1 m cable. VonShef offers a two year warranty too so you don’t’ have to worry if there’s something wrong while still in that timeframe.

The mixer can stand up flat on its end without the beaters having to rest on the worktop. To top it off, its plastic material absorbs motor heating.

2. Russell Hobbs Food Collection Mixer

The Russell Hobbs Food Collection hand mixer comes with impressive 6-speed settings that allow for selecting appropriate speed for any food type and achieving accurate results.

For that reason, it is perfect for mixing egg whites, cake mixture and battering to optimum consistency. This product features a release button so your beater removal is an easy-peasy task. The package includes one-hand mixer, 2 chrome beaters and one instruction booklets.

It features 125 W power and fingertip speed control. If you are looking for a good value and no-frills hand mixer, this definitely should be on your wish-list! In addition, it offers a two-year warranty too.

3. Kenwood HM220

This model by Kenwood can handle a wide variety of kitchen tasks starting from whipping cream, egg beating to cake mix. It’s durable and compact and you will absolutely benefit from its 3 dedicated speeds that are perfect for mixing, whisking and folding.

Furthermore, the company really put a lot of thought into customers’ comfort because they include a comfort-fit moulded handle as well as wrap-around cable storage along with a usable cable grip. The speed control is thumb-operated for convenience purposes.

To top it off, this hand mixer also comes with a beater interlock system so its safety quality is unquestionable. The beaters themselves are high-quality stainless steel so they are durable and strong.

4. Duronic HM4

What makes Duronic stand out is its storage case solution where you can put all the accessories instantly. The storage can be used as a stand too so everything is stored away neatly when not needed. It comes with a 400 W motor built into the unit and that’s exactly the kind of power most people want.

It features a built-in turbo button and 5-speed settings. What’s really interesting is that it has vents at the front of the unit so the machine can cool down quicker. The material is stainless steel and we all know that this type of material makes the machine a lot more durable.

It comes with the best set of accessories: 2 x metal beaters (perfect for combining mixtures with normal or heavy consistency), 2 x metal dough hooks (perfect for kneading all kinds of dough and heavy pastries) and 1 x whisk.

5. Russell Hobbs Desire 18960

Another model by Russell Hobbs worth mentioning in our list for best hand mixer is their hand mixer 18960 product. This model comes with a 300W motor that combines modern styling with uncompromised functionality. The set includes one-hand mixer, two chrome beaters, two dough hooks and an instruction booklet.

Aside from its 5-speed settings, its turbo button allows for an extra blast of power for thicker results. The placement of the button is very convenience where you can switch speeds with just the movement of your one thumb. It comes in eye-catching and elegant black and red plastic design and it’s easy to clean.

Both detachable beaters and dough hooks are all dishwashers safe. It can stand on its base as well so this mixer is one less thing to worry about if you ever lack storage space.

6. Bosch MFQ36300GB

Are you easily annoyed by the loud noise that most mixers produce? Well, this Bosch hand mixer doesn’t torture you with it thanks to its quiet and powerful technology. The handle is extremely ergonomic that has comfort written all over it.

The set includes standard accessories such as two premium turbo beating whisks that are made of top-notch quality stainless steel. It’s a general knowledge that stainless steel whisks or beaters are always a good option. It comes with two kneading hooks too and they are all dishwasher proof.

The most effective hand mixer should have 250 or more watt motor and this particular product comes with 400W! Like any other good hand mixer, it has 5-speed settings.

7. VonShef Professional 300W

Another product by VonShef that is perfect for kneading, whisking and mixing purposes. It has an impressive 300W motor power as well as turbo setting that you can turn off and on easily with a single thumb thanks to its convenient location.

Furthermore, the speed settings are all thumb operated as well. Moreover, if you are one of those people who pay extra attention to design then you’ll love this stunning, sleek red and silver design. Its compact design is also lightweight.

All chrome beaters, chrome beaters and the mixer itself are dishwasher safe. Of course, it stands on its own with mix still on the beaters.

8. James Martin by Wahl ZX822

This hand mixer comes with 300W motor so it’s guaranteed to take care of even your stiffest of dough. It offers 5-speed options so your mixing need will always be fulfilled. You can benefit from its turbo power too for extra power.

The beaters, dough hooks and whisk are all made of high-quality stainless steel which makes them easy to clean and easy to use too. It features an eject button with safety function so you can safely remove the dishwasher-safe beaters.

The mixer itself is wiped clean with a soft touch, rubberized insert for extra grip and more control. This is especially needed for a hand mixer because the more comfortable the handle is, the better the mixing quality you will get.

9. BODUM 11520-01UK Bistro

Its unique design allows for the mixer to stand on its base while the hooks are still attached. The set includes stirring wand, dough hooks and whisk accessories. This hand mixer is made from stainless steel, plastic, silicone and rubber.

Like any other standardized and best hand mixer, this one also comes with 5-speed settings. The cord also rolls up inside the mixer so it’s totally space-saving. This is the opposite of clumsy machine that requires thorough cleaning.

This aesthetically pleasing hand mixer is your typical thinner mixer with a 200W motor so it’s ideal for your kitchen. The product carries a manufacturer warranty too.

10. Kenwood HM680 Chefette

The last product we would like to dub as one of the best hand mixers is from Kenwood. This model comes with a handy rotating bowl so if you are looking for larger batches, there you have it! This model is especially perfect for those who wish to better their baking skills.

It comes with a powerful 350W motor that is perfect for serious cookers and chefs in general. It offers 5-speed settings that are suitable for whisking, folding and mixing as well as a pulse function. The unique splash guard prevents you to get messy when using the mixer.

Kenwood offers really impressive non-degradable stainless steel kneaders and beaters too which are durable and really strong. Don’t be fooled by what you see in the picture because the mixer is lightweight!


Those are all the best hand mixer brands that you should take into account when thinking of purchasing one. Basically, you should go for one that really meets your needs for cooking and baking. Moreover, make sure to choose one that has flawless construction design because good mixers generally only require a single damp cloth cleaning.

Note that, you don’t need to spend excessively on a hand mixer. Remember that an average power mixer should at least have a dough hook. If you want a mixer that can handle bread dough then look for one that has a powerful motor as well as whisk attachment.

Bottom line, you should check the wattage, speed settings, handle and overall construction.