Top 10 Best Gaming Mice UK 2021

PC gaming enthusiast know exactly what are the advantages of buying a good gaming mouse, there is no doubt that using a quality gaming mouse can easily improve your gaming experience.

As we might already know that we can find a variety of “gaming” mice out there and the ones you can see on this page on this site are the top product that stands out from the crowd. Below you can find only the top 10 gaming mice in the UK 2021 at the lowest price.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mice UK 2021

1. Gaming Mouse, VicTsing® 7200 DPI

It is a programmable wired gaming mouse with 7 buttons for a professional gamer and you can and win in the game easily. Not only that, but it also great for everyday use. When browsing, the buttons for back and forward that can be reached on the left side can easily go back to the last page or if you want to go ahead to the next page

The DPI can be adjusted from 500-7200DPI through its software. There are 2 DPI buttons for easy change to make the user get an accurate and responsive move. Also, this mouse allows you to customize its buttons to your favourite hotkeys.

The ability of changes its LED Light from at least 16 million colours so it can suit your gaming style or when you change your gaming environment.

2. [7200 DPI]Pictek Gaming Mice

This mouse allows you to set with 7200 dpi so you can get advantages than your opponent, also you can accurately command its speed and mouse sensitivity as well. Fast installation with Plug& play system, no need to install the driver and easy to use

For the backlight setting, there are about 16 million colour options. 5 colours for default while if you need to set other colours, you need to install its software first. Also, the colour for DPI can be customized as you like.

Quick switch with shortcut button and you will have three different modes, all modes are comfortable to operate and you can use it for a long period of time without feel any fatigue.

3. Gaming Mouse, TeckNet RAPTOR 

With the TeckNet RAPTOR, you can control the game with confidence. It is designed for comfort and built for precision. It comes equipped with TruWave sensor, advance optical gaming sensor and the DPI settings that can be adjusted easily.

This mouse has a very good design and it can fit snugly under the palm of your hand and paired with perfect button placement so you can feel high-quality gaming experience.

With the dimension of 126(L)*70(W)*39(H)mm, This mouse is easy to carry wherever you go because it has a portable design and durable as well. It can also be placed in various surfaces and you can still use it without any hassles. Since it is not a programmable mouse, you don’t need any driver to use it.

4. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

This Mouse comes with 8 Programmable buttons and supports various operating systems, from Win 7 home basics to Home Premium x64.

Powered by 32-bit ARM Processor and combined with onboard memory so you can get maximum speed and fast accessibility. Installation and setting up the 5th DPI is easy to do thanks to Optional Logitech Gaming Software.

Sold at an affordable price and you can get a high-quality gaming mouse that can last for a long time. Other great features from this mouse are Very lightweight, Good button positioning and sold at affordable price.


5. Corsair CH-9301011-EU Harpoon

It is available in 4 different colours so you can choose according to your desire. Packed with an advanced tracking system and high accuracy optical sensor for gaming of up to 6.000 DPI while its contoured design will provide a natural fit to support your gaming style.

Very comfortable when held thanks to its textured rubber side grips.

It is powered by an on-board memory as well as 6 buttons that is fully-programmable and dynamic multicolour backlighting so that the device can be customized quickly according to your needs.

6. Logitech G300S Optical Gaming Mouse

Logitech G300S comes equipped with 9 programmable controls, also it has Onboard memory so you can save up to 3 players directly on the mouse. It also easy to customize thanks to its Drag-and-drop software.

Meanwhile, for the sensor, Logitech packs it with a gaming-grade optical sensor that works on various surfaces and tracks any movements, slow or fast accurately. It offers intelligent connectivity where you don’t need to install any CD driver, etc.. simply plug to your computer and within a second it is ready to use.

The Automatic game detection features will recognize what game you are playing and with it you can custom the configurations for every game.

7. UtechSmart Venus 50 to 16400 DPI

The UtechSmart Venus 50 has a sophisticated design and features 18 Programmable Buttons including 12 buttons on its side. Also up to 5 profiles can be saved on the memory and each with a different light colour to make identification done faster.

It also possible to program its scroll wheel LED colour through driver software that supports multi-language and via this software, it will be much easier for you to organize the key bids or the ability of character for any game.

To increase its efficiency, the manufacturer also includes a special button to switch the setting that can be found on the backside of the mouse.

8. HAVIT 3200DPI Gaming Mouse

The HAVIT 3200DPI gaming mouse is a very good product and this is one of the best mice for gaming on the market today. From function to design, this mouse will make you easier to control the game.

The manufacturer allows you to customize RGB lighting with 7 lights modes and always change constantly, there are also 4 different DPI settings that can be adjusted for your gaming needs, from 800 to 3200 DPI so there is no possibility of you losing game control and more.

Also, it is equipped with the technology of Responsive Optical Sensor to minimises the acceleration of mouse as well as increases reliable targeting.

9.Corsair Gaming CH-9303011-EU Sabre

This corsair mouse as you can see has a great feel and appearance. Not only does it look cool but it is also pretty comfortable to use. There are 4-zone 16.8M colour backlighting which will help you to make a beautiful and personal preference that can match to your style.

It has 8 programmable buttons that can easily be customized by users with the CUE software for quick play meanwhile with powerful and combined with intuitive Utility Engine from Corsair, it will deliver the best performance and customization control.

Corsair Sabre RGB will be a perfect device if you are looking for a lighter weight mouse because it weighs is only about 100g.

10. TeckNet RAPTOR Pro Programmable

Another great programmable mouse from Tecknet where it comes with eight programmable buttons and it also has an ability to save up to 3 profiles for different games, also it is packed with 8 default DPI levels and so forth.

Its 7 customisable colours lighting will add the coolness factor to the product and let you match it to your gaming style and environment.

Just like another high-quality mouse, it has sculpted and symmetrical shape, making it very comfortable and easy to hold by your right hand. Meanwhile, since it has A gaming-grade optical sensor, you can use it on various surfaces without having to fear losing control, slow and fast movements, it can be tracked accurately.

A gaming-grade optical sensor accurately tracks slow or fast movements on a wide variety of surfaces.


So now you have already know the best gaming mice in the UK for 2021, these products are sold at very affordable prices and you will be pleased with their quality.

If you are still unsure with one of those, make sure you read reviews from customers and product details.. They will give you extra information. Hope you enjoy it and after reading this list, we believe you can get the best one for your gaming needs.