Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard UK 2021

For a gamer, having the best gaming keyboard is a must, especially for the gamer who has their own preference when it comes to the feeling and touch of the mechanical switch in their gaming keyboard. Of course, you also want some variety to choose from, thus we have only gathered the best as the option.

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard for 2021 UK

1. Gaming Keyboard, HAVIT

This gaming keyboard has a rainbow colour LED-backlit that will make your gaming experience become more fun. Furthermore, you can set the intensity of the backlit using Fn+ESC to change the mode.

You can operate 19 keys simultaneously without having any conflict. It has five multimedia keys, swappable WSAD key, and you can even switch off the WIN key when playing.

For the mouse, there are four types of breathing colour used which are blue, red, pink and purple. There are also DPI button as well as the forward/back button. This keyboard and mouse set is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating System.

2. TEC.BEAN Rainbow Backlit

This is another gaming keyboard with rainbow colour LED-backlit which make it appear very cool. You can even change the mode from permanent lighting to breathing mode.

It is suitable for both playing games and working at the office since it has 104 keys with keycaps that can be removed and space key which already strengthened. The keys are specially designed so it will give tactile feedback and more durable for professional gamer feels.

The keyboard uses USB connector with no driver needed so you can plug and then play it right away. It is also waterproof; splash-proof and anti-slip using laser-etched on ABS material.

3. RK100 3 Colour LED Backlit Mechanical Feeling

This gaming keyboard will give you a professional mechanical feel even though it is not an authentic mechanical keyboard, it will give more. It supports many kinds of a device such as desktop, laptop, Android TV, Smart TV, HTPC IPTV, and even Raspberry Pi.

It is decorated with three colours backlight such as blue, red and purple with breathing mode which you can even turn off. The gaming keyboard is equipped with the standard 104 keys and the addition of 11 multimedia key combinations.

It will automatically enter the sleeping mode and turn off all of the backlights when not operated for 10 minutes, but by pressing any key it will awake and turn on all of the backlight.

4. Rii RK100+ 7 Colour Rainbow LED

Another professional mechanical feel gaming keyboard but this one comes with seven colour LED-backlit which make it appear very cool. It uses breathing mode but you can also turn it off when necessary.

It comes with full support for different kinds of equipment such as desktop, laptop, Android TV, Smart TV, HTPC IPTV, and even Raspberry Pi. There are standard 105 keys as well as 11 multimedia key combinations.

When not in use, this keyboard will automatically turn the sleeping mode then the entire backlight will be turned off, however, you can awake it easily by pressing any key which will also turn on the entire backlight.

5. Gaming Keyboard, TeckNet 3 Colour LED

You will get the mechanical feeling while using this gaming keyboard since it has a design with a suspended key which make it very suitable for both playing games and working at the office.

It is also designed to be multifunctional with WASD keys as well as directional keys are exchangeable. In gaming mode, the WIN key can be lock so you would not be interrupted when accidentally pressing it.

The gaming keyboard has three LED backlighting and you can adjust the brightness so you can find any key that you want even inside a dim room. It is completed with calibrated anti-ghosting to 19 keys so it will prevent missing key when pressed simultaneously.

6. Razer DeathStalker Gaming Keyboard

When you need to get a high powered gaming keyboard, then you might want to check out this item that is designed with slip keycaps and green colour backlight. By using this design then the travel distance will be shorter and actuations rapid fire will be quicker thus your finger will feel flying to press the low profile key at high speed.

It is different than the traditional keyboard which only able to register 3 key pressed simultaneously since on this keyboard you can press up to 10 keys simultaneously with the technology for anti-ghosting.

All keys which pressed at the same time will be responded accurately to create zero lag game experience.

7. Corsair CH-9000224-UK K30

This keyboard gaming from Corsair has red colour backlighting with 3 level adjustable illuminations setting.

Furthermore, it also has six G keys that can be programmed and equipped with 3 banks so you will be able to access 18 keyset or combos only by one keystroke.

It is already optimized for gaming with an anti-ghosting feature to ensure all of the keys that you pressed is correctly registered in the game. And with the specially dedicate 7 multimedia keys, you can control the volume and tracks play directly from the keyboard.

8. Logitech G213

This prodigy level G series gaming keyboard from Logitech will give you advanced grade gaming experience which is faster up to four times more than a standard keyboard. So the entire key that you pressed is nearly instantaneous with the screen since it is already tuned to be more responsive for gaming with tactile performance.

The backlight comes in RGB colour spectrum which you can even personalize into 5 different zones with more than 16.8 million choices of colours so you can match it with other gaming equipment and style preference.

You can also control your music directly from the keyboard by using its media control keys. Furthermore, there are 12 keys which the function can be customized using Logitech software.

9. Gaming Keyboard, TeckNet Kraken LED Illuminated

This gaming keyboard is equipped with 3 colours LED backlight which can easily be adjusted so you can find the exact key in a dim room.

There are 10 keys that you can program with single key pres or even complex macro so you can do difficult action by pressing the keys easily.

It is already calibrated to be anti-ghosting up to 19 key pressed so you can hold and press any key simultaneously without missing any of your commands. With the 12 multimedia keys, you will be able to control your music from the board.

10. Sumvision LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

This gaming keyboard set has LED backlight with 3 different colours which are blue, red, and purple and you can adjust the brightness of those colours. While on the gaming mouse, the LED backlight is continuously changing.

The gaming optical mouse itself has 3 buttons and adjustable DPI so you can operate it easily. Meanwhile, on the gaming keyboard, it has standard 105 keys.

Both of the items come in USB connection with 2-meter range.


Those are several best gaming keyboard UK 2019 that you can consider to have if you want to get better gaming experience.

Most of these keyboards come equipped with backlight feature that makes it easier for you to see and find the keys that you want in the dim room plus it also makes the keyboard appearance cooler.