Top 10 Best Electric Toothbrushes UK 2021

The way the world is being modernized, we now have “electric toothbrush.” Definitely, it reduces our hard work, and obviously, it will increase the efficiency in the quality of the work done. If you are now looking for the best Electric Toothbrush 2021 in the UK, you should check the following list.

1. Oral-B Smart Series 6500

· Removes plaque to a greater level and cleans better than a manual toothbrush and it also can work as a full-time gum protection

· Comes with 5 professional cleaning modes including daily clean, pro-clean, sensitive, gum control and also whitening

· Implementing better habits in your life. Using an electric toothbrush than a manual toothbrush obviously is more efficient and certainly gets the job done more easily.

· This toothbrush not only comes with a pressure sensor but also has the presence of Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries, which lasts for a week approximately.

· Though basically looks the same, the brush read is roundish and looks more sophisticated than the previous one.

2. Oral-B Pro 2500 Electric Toothbrush

· One of the best selling electric toothbrush in the UK

· The round head which does the automatic work takes up the responsibility of clearing all the plaque.

· It provides 2 cleaning brushing modes: Daily clean & gum care

· Gently removes the surface stains on your teeth, thereby giving you a white experience.

· Gives full protection to your gum through the use of the technology, that is, the technology of pressure control, which allows the brush head to adjust its brushing speed according to the area of the gum, thereby taking good care of your gum.

· The branding of Oral B is enough to lay you that trust that this product is of sheer high quality

3. Philips Sonicare EasyClean HX6511/50

· The technology used in this electric toothbrush is named Sonicare. This property helps the brush head to reach very deep, in between the teeth and also cleans your gum properly and along a certain line.

· Coms with Slim handle for comfort and manoeuvrability, which can make you more comfortable when using it

· The make of this product is designed such that you can also use it with braces and if you have dental restorations.

· It is noted from previous resources that you will notice the change in you after about two weeks from the time you have started using the product.

· The battery can last longer where it can survive up to three weeks use on a single full charge and also comes with 2-pin UK plug. 

· Travel Case is also included.

4. Oral-B Pro 600 CrossAction

· There is the presence of the virtual rechargeable toothbrush set. When you charge this device, it doesn’t really charge up itself and then holds for few hours or days, but the capacity of the battery is such made that it will only last for a day. So, every day you don’t need to give charge to your device.

· Round head for cleans better so your gums will become healthier

· The system of 3D cleaning which is involved in this toothbrush helps in clearing out the plaque, way more than what you can expect it to be.

· There is a choice for dynamic movement. If you opt for some of the choices of the same, you need to see how the results are being enhanced.

· The battery can last up to seven days, quite impressive!

5. Oral-B Pro 2000 Rechargeable Toothbrush

· The design is very professional and equipped with bristles angled at 16 degrees as well as 3D cleaning action oscillates.

· It is packed with Oral-B 3D technology movement that can make your teeth cleaner and break up 100% more plaque in comparison with a manual toothbrush

· The toothbrush can be paired with all genuine Oral-B toothbrush heads

· A visible gum pressure sensor that can help to reduces brushing speed. If you brush too hard, it will automatically alert you

· Gives you a protective time with your toothbrush as it has the situation of working in a way that it takes total care of your gum and also it provides a clinically proven clean in comparison with a regular manual toothbrush.

· It has the Oral B branding, thus you can expect that whatever product is being sold out, that is trustworthy as Oral B is the leading famous company.

6. Fairywill Electric Toothbrush with 3 Optional Modes

· This toothbrush has a very strong cleaning factor, which you also take advantage of.

· A full charge only takes just around 4 hours and you can use it over 30 days (2 minutes each brush and 2x a day)

· You have the provision to toggle between three modes in the product, that are, massage, normal and super

· If you are someone who happens to wear braces or having any kind of dental complications, then it is not a problem for you to use this electric toothbrush because the brush is also specifically designed with a small head for deep and precise clean.

7. Philips Sonicare HX9111/21 FlexCare Platinum

· The rate of removal of plaque is about 10 times faster than your general manual toothbrush.

· The property of being “Adoptive Responsive” gives the toothbrush to provide us with a better experience while brushing.

· The long battery which when once charged will support you with a battery backup of about 3 weeks makes it great for travelling, etc

· It includes 3 Intensity different settings and 3 modes for cleaning system for up to 9 customisable brushing modes.

8. Oral-B Genius 9000

· Product of the year 2020 and the best buy of the year 2019 award winner.

· Recommended by the Dentist in the world

· Never run out of battery because it comes with Smart charging travel case that can help to charges this machine and smartphone with only one plug 

· Removes any strains from your tooth, thereby giving you a shining white element experience right from day 1 of usage.

· Using the one plug technology, you can charge your toothbrush along with your phone at the same time. Thus, there won’t be any situation of you forgetting to charge your toothbrush and after using this product, you will get to know why this product is referred to as “genius”.

9. Colgate ProClinical C350 Max

· Keep a manual toothbrush and find out how much plaque it can remove at a time. Now, multiply the rate into 5. The new answer which you get is the rate at which this toothbrush will deal with the plaque as compared to your manual toothbrush

· Though this is suitable for everyone, it just has a special designing for gum sensitive people. The whitening of your tooth will start from the first day itself, thereby not delaying you from having shiny white teeth

· It is powerfully gentle, easier to use and you can feel almost like a manual toothbrush. So it is an ideal choice for all the family.

10. Oral-B Smart Series 4000

· The whitener of your teeth is put to work on the first day itself thereby creating its first impressions very nicely and completely removes all the plaque from your mouth

· You can control the pressure system in the toothbrush, therefore, allowing you to put pressure at your own convenience and also prevent any kind of unwanted damages on the gum

· It comes with Roundhead cleans to make your gums healthier, also shipped with 1 handle, 2 replacement brush heads and charger refill holder


All these electric toothbrushes are more or less the same. only the company is different and the quality matters. There is not much, or to be more precise, a negligible amount of differences in the features from one to another. Now, it’s up to you. Think and decide!