Top 10 Best Electric Shavers UK 2021

For men and women, shaver kits are very necessary. When these shavers become electrified, it becomes more users friendly and gives you a proper shave. It also reduces the overall effort which you have to put when it comes to shaving.

Today, we will present you with a list of Best Electric Shavers 2020 in the UK which may catch for attention if you are looking forward to buying one.

Top 10 Best Electric Shavers UK 2021

1. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3080s

This electric shaver comprises of the most common system that is floating shaving elements, which are essential for shaving when it comes to the comfort on your skin and also helps in increasing the efficiency of shaving.

This shaver comes with wet and dry function, both functions help the shaver work effectively, especially when in the shower with foam or gel so you can feel smoother skin. Braun also packs this product with pop-up precision trimmer which makes it ideal for shaping moustaches and sideburns

It only takes 5 minutes of quick charge if you want to use it for one shave, while if it fully charged, this shaver can work of up to 45 minutes. Lastly, when it comes to design, absolutely astonishing! Amazing looks with great colour combinations!

2. Braun Series 9 9290cc

If you want an electric shaver kit, which holds the reputation of being the “world’s efficient product”, then this is the product you need. Not two, not three, not four, but this electric shaver has five shaving elements, thereby, not only does it give you a perfect shave, but the overall skin comfort with this shaver is just top-notch and amazing.

This product again is powered by the SynchroSonicTM technology, which generally means, capturing a larger amount of hair per stroke of a shave. This Braun Product comes with 2 different trimmer, where it can capture even the trickiest hair. Meanwhile the innovative SyncroSonic technology can make the shaver capture more and more hair in every stroke

The reason as to why it is known as the world’s efficient is totally due to the presence of the auto sensor which gives the best shaving efficiency.

3. Philips Series 3000 S3580/06 with Pop-up Trimmer

The first highlighting part of this electric shaver is the system of ComfortCut Blade. This amazing system will not only give you a comfortable shave but also protects your skin from getting cuts.

The battery of this shaver also has a very long life. The justification of this factor stands in the fact that with a one-time charge, you get to use your shaver for 50 minutes.

This shaver also has the property of a pop-up trimmer, which helps you in bringing your moustache and sideburns to the proper shape. Lastly, this shaver is 100% waterproof, thereby, increasing the chances of durability.

4. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7

The battery life of this shaver is very good. Moreover, this shaver is one of that shaver, which you call modern. Why modern? Well, it has a USB charging system, which gives you approximately 30 shaves, that is, 120 minutes.

Another factor, these chargers have that system of motors. Now, these speed motors make a noise which is not really pleasant, but the point of this shaver is that this shaver mutes the entire sound from the motor, thus adding up to the pleasant feel.

The three independent head on this shaver is another factor, which makes this shaver to be one of those comfortable ones.

5. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Since Braun products do not really differ from each other too much, this product also resembles a lot of features of other Braun products. The product is waterproof extends the durability of the product.

This shaver also is powered by the dual NiMH batteries which are quite long-lasting and will certainly give you a good battery life which is quite reasonable.

Another feature of this shaver is the presence of the triple pressure-sensitive elements for shaving. As usual, this is something which will provide you comfortable shave and will also restrain you from getting your skin cut.

6. Philips Series 1000 Men’s Electric Shaver S1510/04

This shaver supports the provision for self-sharpening blades. What is the advantage of this feature? Well, it certainly reduces your effort and increases the efficiency of the shaver.

The presence of heads flex adds up to this shaver for being one of the most comfortable ones, as this is one feature which will help this shaver move about your face very easily, thereby reducing any chances due to which you may end up cutting yourself while shaving.

Lastly, you get a battery life of about 40 minutes after one complete charge of this shaver.

7. Remington PF7500

One of the different features of this shaver is the property that the head is washable in this shaver. When it comes to battery life, you will get approximately 50 minutes after you have fully charged your shaver.

Consists of flexing foils and also pivot heads which will enhance the experience of your shave. Consist of the lithium-powered battery which is responsible for those 50 minutes of hassle-free shaving.

Since it comes equipped with enhanced technology and paired with high-quality design and excellent performance, this shave is a good choice for daily use and can provide a comfortable shaving experience.

8. Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry AT899

Well, this shaver may not be the best in the lot, but surely one of the best. This is because, it lacks in some areas when compared to others, but again, the price point at which this shaver is being offered is really an amazing deal.

This has that triple head shaver system attached which gives not only a comfortable shave but reduces the chances of getting cuts by 90%.

It is comfortable to use and can be used in both wet or dry meanwhile for optimal hygiene, this shaver can be washed quickly using the QuickRinse system. In terms of battery, it is reliable and you can enjoy shaving time of up to 45 minutes after you charge it for 8 hours.

9. BROADCARE IPX7 Waterproof Electric Shaver

One of the most sophisticated products in the list. This one has a LED display unit which will display the battery life of your shaver.

The special IPX7 waterproof system which is in accordance with this shaver ensures that your shaver is completely waterproof and it doesn’t get affected by any water sources.  The best part is the 360 rotation shaver which gives total input when it comes to shaving.

It has a battery life of about 75 minutes after a charge, thereby making this shaver a very handy one for daily uses and if you want to carry this along with you somewhere.

10. Braun Series 7 790cc-4

One of a kind from Braun! This is one shaver which is fully loaded with all the features. The main feature of this shaver is the presence of intelligent sonic technology in the shaver. This technology gives you a mesmerizing effect and makes your shaving experience a lot better than before.

You can also personalize this shaver by bringing alterations to the different modes available. Extra sensitive, normal to intensive and also it is packed with  ActiveLift trimmer that can help to Lifts and cuts flat-lying hairs like in the neck or chin area.


It is up to you and for you to decide which one out of these you want and would like to use. All of them are really good. Thus, analyse your requirement and purchase the shaver wisely.