Top 10 Best Coffee Machines 2021 UK

A coffee making machine is indeed appreciated by all coffee lovers as it reduces their effort to make coffee faster and can produce a fresh and delicious taste. Thus, if you are looking forward to replacing your old coffee machine or want to buy a brand new one, then this is an article that will help you by providing you with the reviews of one of the best coffee machines 2020 UK available.

1. Nescafé Dolce Gusto by De’Longhi EDG250.B

One of those coffee machines which is sure to catch your eye with its amazing design. But the disadvantage that rises to its amazing design is the increase in the shape and size of the product when compared to other products in this alternative.

But, the upsides are again that you can fit any glass of any shape and you can also make a variety of flavours when it comes to coffee by using this amazing product.

Having a capacity of about 0.8 litres, this product weighs around 2.5 kilograms. This machine is very easy to use and clean as well since it has a very good design and builds with solid materials. Its pods are also available in various online or local stores.

2. Bosch Tassimo Vivy Hot Drinks and Coffee Machine

This is one of the best products when it comes to compact size machine. It allows you to fit it in places with smaller spaces. The features are even more exciting than this.

You get to make coffees of approximately 35 different varieties and also this is a machine which takes up no heating time. No heat up time after switch-on! You don’t have to start your machine and then wait for it to heat up and then prepare your coffee.

All the actions are instant, thereby saving a lot of time for you. Another great feature is an easy automatic cleaning system as well as dishwasher-proof parts.

3. Russell Hobbs Buckingham 20680

The most interesting feature of this product is the capacity of the machine. It can not only hold 1.25 litres but also eliminates the need of paper filters due to the nature of being glass carafe.

During the process of brewing, you also have the physical blue light, thus giving you better user experience. Making it easier to operate.

Another good point of this coffee machine is the nature of being 50% faster when it comes to optimizing temperature and also comes with the attracting showerhead technology. This basically improves the extraction of coffee.

4. Nespresso Inissia Coffee Machine

First things first, you may find the design of this product not very fancy, but more towards the side of being basic. It basically not a problem because this product has become the best seller in Amazon UK. It is available in 4 different colours and simple to use.

The operation is also very easy since it uses a one-touch system and patented extraction system that can deliver at least 19 bar pressure.

It has a compact and colourful design and paired with an ergonomic handle that can be placed in almost everywhere into any interior design. It does have that 0.7 litres of capacity and weighs around 2.7 kilograms, but this is one of those machines which are easy to use.

A very simple yet attractive machine, which uses the support of the Nespresso capsule system that can deliver exceptional taste and also unique aromas.

5. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Melody 3

Yet again, one of the fines products from Nescafe, which is built on the coffee capsules system. The designing of this product is really good and unique in its kind.

Also, the presence of the Thermoblock system of heating makes the heating that negligible. This basically means, you need no time to heat up the machine before you have to make your coffee, thereby, the machine being instant and giving you a lot of time to save.

It is very easy to use and also comes with a physical LED light along with that, having a holding capacity of 1.3 litres.

6. De’Longhi Magnifica Bean ESAM4200

This product is seriously unique in its own kind. The looks are unique, being built by stainless steel and looks like a very classy product to use. This machine supports the use of fresh coffee beans as well as grounded coffee, thus, giving you options for your input.

Though this machine can make a variety of different types of coffee, it mainly excels in making espresso and cappuccino, making this product one of the bests amongst the ones available in making coffees of the above-mentioned types.

This machine works on the concept of “one-touch operating system” and has the presence of a dual boiler system, thus holding itself high in the competition.

7. Bosch TAS4502GB Tassimo Joy 2

One of the best! Has to be! One of those powerful insides which is held by this coffee machine is the intelligent brewing system.

Thus, hot optimal coffee is what you can expect every time by doing a very little amount of effort basically. The capacity is also huge, 1.4 litres.

The property of auto shut off system and no heating up time is quite normal in this machine and you also get a variety of about 40 different types of coffees to choose from.

8. Russell Hobbs Coffee Machine 22000

This machine comes equipped with glass carafe out of the box and also has a brewing technology fitted in the machine, which is totally quiet and noise-free. The best attractive part of this machine is the physical-digital display that you get.

Also, this is a large machine in terms of the capacity of making coffee, as, it can serve 12 regular cups or mugs of coffee easily on each time of brewing.

Another reflecting feature of this product is the negligible use of a paper filter. Not negligible, but zero! This is due to the presence of a permanent filter that comes along with a removable holder for filtration.

9. Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3

Almost similar to the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3! One difference is the addition of Krups in front. Also, another big advantage when it comes to this machine is the availability of the pods.

Unlike many other products, the pods are quite easily available and can be easily bought from supermarkets or can be easily bought from online shopping websites, like Amazon.

The remaining features of this machine are similar to that of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Melody 3, like the easy to use and clean, can be used in 30 different types of hot drinks and also cold drinks related to coffee.

10. De’Longhi EC.680.M Dedica Coffee Machine

There are two specialities of this machine. The first one is the presence of a flow stop function. This functioning helps in consistent personalization of your coffee according to your wish and will.

The second is the possibility to dispense hot water for fruit and herbal teas. Have you seen a machine of this kind yet? Very rare I think! Thus, this feature makes this machine a very powerful one and also a good machine for the option of multi-tasking.

The remaining features are quite standard as the other coffee machines like fast heating time, thermoblock heating system and paired with a slim design.


Thus, these are some of the coffee machines you can buy for your next plan. Go through all of them, see which ones suit you and then you can opt for it and assuredly, you will be happy enough to buy one from this list!

Coffee Machines Explained

Coffee Makers come in all different shapes and sizes this buyers guide will provide everything you need to know about the different machines on the market, where to order them from and prices you would expect to pay for them. Soon enough you’ll be making your own espresso, cappuccino, macchiato, latte or maybe just a simple black coffee will suffice.

A coffee machine is a luxury object and you will find a number of premium brands which produce products for this market. Krups, DeLonghi, Gaggia are just a few but there is, of course, a wide range of pricing options available from other manufacturers.

Types of Coffee Maker

Coffee is a big business and so are the machines used to make it drinkable. Over the past 5 years, we have seen the arrival of a host of Italian coffee drinks, the café culture has seen more and more coffee makers hit the market.


A cafetiere is essentially a glass container that helps makes ground coffee drinkable.

The granules of coffee are placed in the container with boiled water and a plunger made of wire mesh is attached beneath the lid. When pressed down this mesh fits the diameter of the container and forces the dissolved coffee through the filter. This results in a smooth coffee drink with no granules insight. Cafetieres come in a range of different sizes but the design is essentially the same. You do have to clean the coffee out if you want to use it again but this only takes a minute.

Percolators & Filter Coffee Machines

A filter coffee machine is very simple to use, you place a filter in the top, add the water and let it drip into the coffee pot beneath, the machine heats the water through the filter and a hotplate on the bottom keeps the coffee warm enough to drink. The filters can be one use or permanent, which require cleaning (not a nice task)

As the coffee drips into the pot the coffee can become quite strong and not to everyone’s taste. Percolators are often the machine of choice for small businesses as the coffee is always hot so less work time is wasted making it!

Espresso Machines & Cappuccino Makers

Espresso machines

An Espresso is the strongest type of coffee, an espresso machine heats the water so fast that it turns to steam, the pressure of the steam is so high that it when it passes through the ground coffee it forces it to dissolve into a highly concentrated liquid. This forms the basic espresso, other drinks such as the Cappucino, Latte, Macchiato are made from this. There are two types of Espresso Machine, pressure and pump machines.

Pressure Machines

As described previously the water is boiled inside the machine and the steam is trapped increasing the pressure eventually releasing through the ground coffee. True coffee enthusiasts say that the steam is too hot to make a “real” espresso and that the pressure in these machines might be too low also. The temperature, pressure, and steam realize all have an effect on the concentration, bitterness, and smoothness of the coffee. Machines do however differ in quality and like all things coffee can be down to personal taste.

Pump Machines

Baristas the world over will tell you that the best water temperature for making “proper” coffee is between 85 and 92 degrees Celsius.  With a separately heated water tank, pump coffee machines ensure the water temperature remains at this level and that the water is passed through the coffee at the correct pressure. This level of control over temperature and pressure results unfortunately in higher prices for these models compared with the ordinary pressure machines.

Nespresso Machines

Nespresso has developed a unique espresso-style coffee machine where the user simply inserts a capsule of ground coffee. The machine pierces this and passes water/steam through the capsule, producing an instant espresso without having to grind the coffee, change filters or wash the pot.

That’s it. I hope you can find your coffee machine after reading this guide.