What is the basic function of the carpet washer cleaner, after all? Well, if you think that vacuuming your carpet is already enough, then you may unconsciously have piled up lots of dirt, dust, allergens, and even bacteria there. Vacuuming the carpet may be able to clean the carpet on the surface, but it won’t be enough to penetrate deeper into the carpet.

With the washer cleaner, however, you can expect a cleaner and more hygiene carpet which is safe for your family. Although you can always hire a professional service, having one at home will save you tons of money – and you can make sure that your surrounding is super clean, spotless, and hygiene. It is a good thing that there are different products out there so you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the perfect one.

Top 10 Best Carpet Washers and Cleaners 2021 UK

1. Vax VRS5W

Do you have pets at home? Are you always having problems removing their hair? This washer cleaner will tackle the issue easily. It comes with a powerful motor that will deliver deep cleaning result in a simple manner. However, be sure to operate the device correctly.

When you turn it on, pull the trigger switch while gliding forward gently. Release the switch and then pull back so you won’t soak the carpet. Don’t press the switch forward and backwards or you will be making a mess instead.

You only need to use a cleaner and hot water and fill them in the container. Don’t worry about the control because this machine is quite light.

2. InstaClean Bissell Carpet Washer

This carpet washer cleaner is lightweight and it is super easy to use. The static brush bar will ensure maximum cleanliness because it will brush away stains and remove them altogether.

The tanks are easy to use, and they come in a separate container for dirty and clean water. No need to worry that they may get mixed or such thing alike. The nozzle is pretty easy to remove so you should have an easy cleanup and also maintenance.

This machine actually comes with different kinds of brushes. Cross Action type, for instance, will make the dirt loose and then remove it. The Edge Sweep Brushes will deliver effective cleaning around the furniture. It is super convenient and easy!

3. Dual Power W86-DP-B Cleaner

If you are looking for an effective deep cleaning so you can bring fresh life to the carpet, this would be the perfect machine for you. Despite the design, this machine is pretty lightweight.

Dual rotating brushes will shake the dirt and dust, and then remove them to deliver more efficient result. A deep cleaning result is a definite thing. The twin tank system will also differentiate and separate the clean and dirty water, encouraging more hygienic outcome.

The floorhead is pretty narrow, creating an easier platform and condition for effective cleaning. If you want a powerful machine that won’t burden you (technically or financially), you have found the right one.

4. Bissell 6 StainPro

It is called the StainPro6 because it comes with a row of 6 rows of dirt lifter rotating power brushes that can efficiently loose the dirt and then remove it, delivering a deep cleaning effect.

This carpet washer cleaner comes with heatwave technology that combines clean water and heat to deliver a faster and also more efficient cleaning result. If you are looking for a device that can be set up easily and the instruction is pretty straight, this is the device to go to.

The device is also lightweight so you can carry it around the house. If you want to clean a bigger room, you can also do it easily.

5. CleanJet Hoover CJ625

The design is pretty compact and lightweight, but it has quite a big water tank. This is definitely effective because you don’t have to refill many times and you can have a more serious cleaning moment.

The foldable design is pretty straightforward, and you can even carry it around the house. You can even carry it upstairs. Don’t underestimate its strength and performance. Just because it is lightweight and compact, it doesn’t mean that it would be flimsy and lousy.

The handle is extendable and it fits in any space. Most importantly, it is also quiet so you don’t have to worry about the noise.

6. Maxi Vac Handheld Electric Cleaner

If you have an area rug or smaller carpet, having this kind of carpet washer cleaner will be quite handy. It is light. It is portable. It has quite powerful suction and cleaning power that will create a spotless area.

If you are thinking about giving your car carpet deep cleaning, this device will be quite helpful. Or if you have a bigger carpet and yet you only want to clean only a small stain or a little part of the area, this device will be able to do the job well.

Read the instructions well so you won’t be caught up with problems.

7. Bissell Portable Pro SpotClean

The professional design and mechanism will remove the stain. With the combination of special formula, strong suction power, and water, you can clean the carpet while protecting the soft surfaces at the same time.

Feel free to clean the stairs, rugs, auto interiors, upholstery, and carpets whenever you want to. With this device, you can easily spray and then scrub so it can lift the stains and spots efficiently.

When you have to deal with the messy condition, this would be the perfect cleaner to choose. You can also expect the sample of Professional Wash and Protect bottle.

8. Rug Doctor Deep Cleaner

One of the main secrets of choosing the right washer cleaner is to choose the right brush. When you get the right brush, you can expect a successful outcome.

This carpet washer cleaner is coming with Dual Cross brushes that are designed to boost deep cleaning effect without harming the carpet’s fibres. The device has Super Boost spray that will improve the cleaning efficiency within the high traffic areas.

If you are looking for a way to customize your cleaning needs, then this is your device. The design is convenient with bigger lids and tanks that are easy to fill or rinse.

9. Upright Dual V Vax V124A

It combines heat technology that will ensure efficient and effective cleaning. It is called the Dual V system because there are twin air paths that deliver suction and also powerful outcomes you can be sure of consistent and quick drying time.

The device also comes with five special SpinScrub brushes that will help you achieve more consistent and faster (and also more thorough) cleaning. A hose and onboard tools for upholstery cleaning is also included so you can have a complete cleaning not limited on the floor only.

Its water capacity is  3.7 L for clean and 3.3 L for dirty, it is also packed with Dual V Air Path technology that can maximize its suction.

10. Vax Rapide Ultra W90

Unlike other cleaners, this device also comes with pre-treatment kit so you can treat any stain or other traffic areas before you are performing the deeper clean.

It comes with Rotating brushbar which can help to lift embedded dirt meanwhile its wash tool and hose can be used for cleaning stairs, car interiors as well as upholstery

The combination of Dual V technology, rotating brushes, and the bigger tank will create an easy – and even fun – cleaning experience. With clear instruction, you shouldn’t have any problem cleaning off your carpet or any upholstery. You can also clean the rugs, carpets, or stairs anyway you like it.


Those are the 10 candidates for the best carpet cleaner. View each strength and also possible flaws so you can choose the best carpet washer cleaner products for your needs.