Best Work Shorts UK – For Your Professional Working Needs

There are some reliable best work shorts UK products that you can consider for your professional needs. Wearing the proper and right protective equipment is crucial especially if you are working an active, outdoor, and messy job. Whether you are working as an electrician, a plumber, or a painter, or you simply work in home development businesses, you need to make sure that you wear the right clothes that aren’t only comfy, but also support your working productivity.

Working trousers, unfortunately, are often underestimated. It’s often considered unimportant. It’s ‘just another piece of clothing that isn’t important for your productivity. Well, it’s not completely right because you can actually improve your working efficiency if you have the right trousers or shorts. These kinds of working trousers usually come with a hook, loop, and also pockets. You can simply carry your tools, pencils, and other stuff. Whenever you need to use them, simply reach down or reach in, and you are good to go!

Some people prefer the regular working trousers that are typically available as long legs. However, some people like the shorts for some reasons. First of all, it’s their personal preferences and likes. They like shorts better than long trousers because the short legs are considered more comfortable. They are considered potential as they make their wearers to move freely and conveniently. Without the long fabrics, the movement of their legs (including calves and feet) is somewhat freer and more flexible.

Moreover, some people like the shorts because of the temperature or weather. If you live in an area where it is humid and hot, shorts are definitely more comfortable than the long trousers. Not to mention that they give your skin the ability to ‘breathe’ better. Those who have to work in summer days often go with the shorts because of these reasons.

In case you are looking for the best work shorts, you can check our recommendation below, these products have very good quality, comfortable and at an affordable price. Let’s take a closer look

Scruffs Trade 34 Inch Shorts

This is a working short that comes as cargo shorts with a regular fit. The shorts look attractive without the extra baggy or too loose effects. Other features you will appreciate from the shorts are:

· The shorts are durable and lightweight. It ensures your comfort the whole day without you having to worry about compromising its performance and functions

· The shorts are made from a mix of cotton (35%) and polyester (65%), making them extra durable and comfortable at the same time.

· The hardwearing (canvas) fabric pockets will ensure that your tools will remain safe during the work. Moreover, the shorts have triple-stitched seams so you won’t have to worry that it will fall apart

· The shorts are easily maintained and washed. You only need to use the washing machine to remove all the grime and dirt

Apache Gray and Black Shorts

The shorts look simple and yet highly attractive with dark grey colours and contrast black side pockets. This alone can create a visually appealing effect without too much fuss or overdo efforts. Other features you will appreciate are:

· The simple and regular cargo shorts are convenient. You should be able to work conveniently without having to worry about the fuss or complication of the work

· The shorts are made from high-quality polycotton rip-stop material that isn’t only lightweight, but also durable. The shorts are lightweight and breathable, and yet it is super solid and sturdy, allowing you to wear it for many projects without breaking it down

· The shorts are easy to wash. Simply use the washing machine and you are good to go

· The shorts have holster pockets from Cordura which would ensure the quality of the shorts

Lee Cooper Multi Pocket Workwear Shorts

Everyone knows that Lee Cooper is associated with quality from the beginning of its business in the jeans industry. Now, with the workwear shorts, you won’t have to worry about the quality and performance. The shorts can still be highly functional without compromising its functions. The extra features you will love are:

· The shorts are made from a loose-fitting garment that supports easy movement. You should be able to move easily and flexibly without being restricted

· The shorts are made from lightweight, but sturdy, fabric. It is also breathable, allowing you to work comfortably despite the long hours on the site

· The shorts has a multi-tool pocket, enabling you to store your tools easily. You can also access them easily and directly, boosting your work efficiency

· The shorts are made from polycotton, which means that it is comfortable and yet strong at the same time.

Black Hammer Reinforced Stitched Shorts

This heavy-duty working shorts look simple and yet super stylish. You won’t have to worry that you will look lame or lousy even during harsh work. Other things you will love about the shorts are:

· They are made from hardwearing fabric, which means that it is a mix of cotton and polyester. The fabric supports comfortable to wear with strong and sturdy material. You can wear the shorts without having to worry about breakage or worn

· The shorts come with loose fit design, so it won’t be constrictive or tight

· The shorts have reinforced triple stitching, which means that the seams won’t break easily

· The shorts have this unique (holster) pocket slit that can be tucked away. Not to mention that there are also other pockets that you can use for tools and other storage.

Cargo Dickies Redhawk Pockets Shorts

The shorts are coming with a cargo design that supports your movement. The shorts will sit conveniently on the waist without constricting your stomach and making it uncomfortable. The other features you love are:

· The shorts are made from a mix of cotton and polyester (35% and 65%), making it lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and durable. You can wear the shorts on an everyday basis and they won’t fall apart easily. Aside from the durable material, the seams are reinforced and strengthened.

· There are pockets (cargo style) on every leg. The pockets have Velcro fastening flaps so any tool or item you keep inside the pockets would be safe and secure. The pockets are also scattered here and there for easy access.

Tuff Heavy Summer Shorts

The shorts are durable and sturdy. They look thick and yet they are breathable and somewhat lightweight. Aside from the convenient material, there are also extra features to enjoy, including:

· The materials are polycotton, meaning that it is a mix of cotton and polyester. You can move easily and comfortably with the shorts without having to worry that you may break or damage the shorts because of everyday beat and abuse

· The pockets are many and scattered in many places. Those pockets are convenient and helpful when you want to carry your tools and items

· The shorts have reinforced stitched seams. Even when you constantly kneel, bend, turn, or others, you won’t have to worry that the seams will fall apart

Portwest Combat Regular Shorts

This Portwest short is modern and super functional. The design is straightforward and simple, and yet it is also super comfortable and convenient. The extra features included are:

· The shorts are easily washed and cared. Just regularly use the washing machine and you won’t have to worry about a thing

· The shorts have 6 pockets for storage. You can carry your tools and items with you, even your mobile phone. The shorts also have D-rings for ID cards and also keys

· They have double-stitched seams for a boost of durability.

· The shorts have a half elastic waist for extra comfort and high performance.

· The shorts are made from polycotton fabric for improved comfort and breathable quality

· They are coming in various sizes, perfect for all kinds of wearers

Cheverley Gray Shorts

The shorts have an attractive and basic dark grey colour with different colour accents on the pockets. The shorts are coming with various features, such as:

· They are made from 65% polyester to ensure a long-lasting effect

· The low rise waist makes it convenient for wear and also a nice fit. It should fit nicely without fuss or drama

· The shorts are easy to wash. You don’t need to use professional service to clean it up

· The shorts also come with extra attachment, including tunnel belt loop for more carry

· There are also many pockets that you can use for tools and other items. You can even carry your mobile phone while wearing the shorts

· Many users find the shorts to be quite stiff and hard when first use, but after several usages, the material will be softer and more comfortable to wear

DeWalt Hamden Stretch Mens Shorts

This work utility short has an appealing style and design. With neutral colours and even contrast colour accents, you can expect improved style without overdoing it. The shorts are equipped with extra supporting features:

· The shorts are standard and regular in size. It looks simple and yet it is highly functional too

· As a working shorts, the shorts have zipper fastening for faster, more direct, and easier access

· The shorts are made from a combination of fabrics and materials, including elastane, polyamide, and rayon. It means that the shorts are stretchy and comfortable, and yet it is also breathable and lightweight.

· The shorts have many pockets. Feel free to use those pockets for tools, including your mobile phone

Carhartt Rugged Mens Shorts

You probably won’t have guessed that the shorts are actually working shorts because the design is similar to those of relaxed shorts instead of the working shorts. Other extra features you will love are:

· The shorts are made from a combination of elastane (2%) and also cotton (98%). It means that the shorts are comfortable and somewhat ‘elastic’. It is flexible and stretchy, enabling you to move around easily, even when you have to do difficult movements such as kneeling, bending, and others

· The shorts are easily cleaned and washed. You don’t need to use any complicated process or device. You only need to use the washing machine and off you go!

· The shorts are coming as Dungaree short that supports rugged flex for convenient movement. The shorts sit conveniently at your waist, for easier wear

Work Short Buying Guide

So, what are the elements or factors that you need to seriously consider when you want to pick the right working shorts?

· Fabric. The first thing that you need to consider is the fabric. Do you want 100% cotton? Do you want twill? Do you prefer drill? Do you want polycotton? Do you prefer jeans or denim? Whatever your preference is, make sure that you choose the right material that isn’t only comfortable, but also durable and long-lasting. You don’t want your shorts to fall apart or be torn just from once or twice of wear, do you? Polycotton, for instance, is a comfortable and lightweight material that will ensure your working efficiency while working. It’s considered a hardwearing fabric because it can take the daily beat and abuse. If you choose shorts made from that material, you don’t have to worry that they will be damaged soon enough.

· Extra features. These refer to extra attachments or additional elements. Pockets, loops, or hooks are some of the most common extra features you can find from the working shorts. Pockets are handy to store your tools and items. Hooks and loops can be beneficial to hang some of the stuff needed for the work. Some shorts even have a type of (colour) accent for visual effect.

· Colours. These may not be the most crucial features, but it doesn’t hurt to consider them too. If you don’t want to fuss so much with the care and wash, then choosing the right colour that often suits your working setting would be best.


All in all, those are some of the reliable and trusted candidates for your working shorts. Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right working shorts. Think about your requirements and preferences, and start from there. With these many options, you should be able to pick the most ideal one for you.