Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaners 2021 UK

Maybe flooring becomes the trickiest part when it comes to maintenance, especially for you who install wooden or bamboo flooring. You must not allow mopping the floor too often. This will fade your floor shade and get rid of its beauty.

You know that the beauty of the wooden floor is on the color and natural pattern. Otherwise, letting the floor to get mopped frequently is needed to remove the dust and stubborn dirt. Thus, a vacuum cleaner becomes the most suggested to help you deal with it. These machines will not only clean your house perfectly but they also to simplify your life! Check this out below ..

Top 10 best vacuum cleaners 2021 UK

1. VonHaus Stick Vacuum Cleaner 1000W

When most vacuum cleaners are designed with the standard model, VonHaus brings the 2-in-one stick vacuum that helps you reach the difficult spots and upholstery. The construction is really nice with the low profile base and lightweight unit making your cleaning time easier.

Stairs, corners, under the bed areas are spots that incredibly result back pain when you use the stick vacuum. Hence, detach the extension to reach the unreachable areas with ease.

With the transparent dust cup, there is nothing to compare of vacuuming without this stuff as it is removable and easy to empty. Thanks to the 13 L tank that save your time as you don’t have to empty the tube too often.

2. Duronic VC7 /BK HEPA Filter Bagless Upright

One of the most notable features to know is the powerful suction to absorb all the dirt including the small particles. It offers power efficiency with 600W/800W to do all the cleaning.

Besides, the HEPA filtration will not block up easily making it as the most fantastic filter you ever have seen before. Now cleaning your hardwood floor becomes reachable with the 4.5 m cord.

It is lightweight, so you can easily move the unit to another room. Even you don’t need a bag to carry on.

3. Eufy Robot Vacuum RoboVac 11

Are you too busy to clean your house? Let the Eufy Robot help you clean the entire house. This works well with any kind of floor whether a wooden floor and also a floor with carpet installed on it.

Besides, the robot is available with 100% hands-off helping you reach the most difficult spots like under the chair, beds and other furniture.With advanced technology that can clean in three areas; spot, edge and max, you don’t need to bend your knee to reach the corner.

Just like another manual vacuum cleaner, the robot also brings a triple filter with a HEPA-style filter that can trap the microscopic dirt that can trigger an allergy. Well, it is too good to be true, but it is truly available!

4. VYTRONIX BGGC01 1200w

Another powerful vacuum cleaner is from Vytronix BBGC01 that has a powerful motor with 1200w. You now have a 2ltr capacity that cuts your time of emptying the tube. The unite is completed with the washable dust bag.

With a 4.5 kg weight, simply your cleaning time becomes fun as you can reach each spot of your house with ease as it is included with a 2-in-one crevice tool and upholstery tool.

No more trapped particles with Hepa filter. Even it is appropriate to different floors.

5. Hoover Whirlwind SE71WR02 Cylinder Vacuum

If you wish a machine that effectively saves energy. Hoover Whirlwind is one of the most wanted items that are rated for the finest technology among its competitor. It works pretty well to the hardwood floor and absorbs the dusk in maximum quantity.

The powerful vacuum cleaner is suitable for carpet as well which you might find it difficult to clean. You now can get rid of dust and bugs with simple procedures.

The machine is also lightweight and compact in size make it easy to store and all home owners can use it quickly. The design is efficient and only need small space in your home to save it after use.

6. Russell Hobbs RHCHS1001 Turbo Lite

The unit offers all great features of a handheld vacuum cleaner that has a 7m power cord which enables you to reach the difficult spots like stairs, under the bed or even cleaning the unreachable spots in cars.

The vacuum cleaner is ideal for any kind of flooring and surface that can be your cleaning companion. The machine is packed with 2-in-1 crevice along with brush tool. All your cleaning need is on Russel Hobbs machine!

Also included in the package a floor head attachment and telescopic tubes and you don’t need to charge. Meanwhile its filters with quick clean option will help you to make the vacuum stays at its optimum suction power and performance. 

7. NUMATIC HVR200-11 Henry

We think this is the funniest vacuum cleaner with printed character in its body. All the job is done well with the reliable product yet result in a minimum fuss. The design might be little bit classic but it is one of the best well-built with a nice hose that helps you clean the difficult areas.

It has a perfect suction that also works for cleaning the cars and wooden floors. All of the easiness come in handy!

This vacuum is one of the bestsellers in Amazon UK with more than 2.000 customer reviews where most of them are very pleased with its features and performance.

8. Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach

For you who live with pets, you must see more hair in the upholstery, floor and your carpet which needs extra muscles to get rid of it. The Even most vacuum cleaner don’t work well with the problem as resulting block up. The hair must be trapped somewhere in the filter making your cleaning process a troublesome.

However, today we have the Vax Air that comes with a powerful motor which is equipped with 10 m cord letting you move to another room without frequent plugging.

It is installed with a 3.6-meter hose which let you clean the stairs easier! With the multi-cyclonic feature, you can save more energy without losing small particles on the floor. With a 5 kg weight, the unit simply catches the users attention so we decide to pick it as one of the top ten product you can opt for.

9. Shark Rocket True Pet Ultra-Light

Maybe this is the only stick vacuum cleaner that integrated with all of your need! The performance is powerful to reach the upright spots with a lightweight machine. Upholstery, walls, stairs, and floors will be a simple job!

Especially if you live with the pets which most of your house will full of dirt and hair. All of your jobs are done with this handy machine.

Additionally, it comes with built-in LED lights which can help the user to see the stubborn dirt. The machine works fine suctioning the larger particle first then go with remaining small particles.

10. Hoover FD22G Freedom Lithium 2-in-1

Tired of plugging the cord to clean the stubborn fun in another room? This Hoover FD22G brings its lithium batteries that can last longer and result in powerful suction.

It brings the cyclonic technology with the two-in-one cordless vacuum for a great result. The rotating bar clean the fabric better and deeper along with the dusting brush for making your upholstery looks like new!

The extract handle will not let you miss a single spot. All of the unreachable spots are vacuumed well! It is neat and lightweight for having too many features to offer. If you think you have any problems with the higher space and large room, this machine will be much better to be one of your favorite stuff at home!


Apart from the goodness we have named above, the products are of course have some drawbacks! The best idea to meet your need is choosing the one that suitable for your home! If you have a house with carpet installed on the floor, the one that can suction small particles, stubborn dirt and also hair will be very helpful.

Consider also the higher places like the upstairs which you need to move the machine. Choosing a handy item is highly suggested!