Top 10 Best Steam Irons 2019 UK

The best steam iron is one of the many appliances that every house should have, especially since it is very useful. Not only useful to iron different garment in your house, but it is also useful to be brought while Travelling.  Furthermore, there are many kinds of steam iron available in the market, from traditional to modern.

Each of these irons has a unique feature that will surely useful for you to have. But of course, you cannot purchase all of them, thus choosing one that will suit your lifestyle is the right way to go. Here we give the top 10 products that might suit you best.

Top 10 Best Steam irons 2019 UK

1. Russell Hobbs Supreme Steam Traditional Iron

It may be traditional iron but the feature is not lacking behind those of modern steam iron. With great performance, you can finish any pile in no time since your job will be faster and easier to do when using this best steam iron.

Powered with 2400 W, this iron is quickly heating up thus you would not need to wait for a long time to use it. The soleplate is made using stainless steel which is non-stick.

Together with even heat distribution; this steam iron can glide through even the toughest material easily. With 300 ml size water tank, you do not need to refill it too frequently.

2. Russell Hobbs Steamglide Professional 21370

For more professional usage, this best steam iron is the way to go. It will give 40g/min steam continuously that allows you to quickly glide on any type of fabric.

You can also burst out 145g/min steam to conquer tougher fabric such as denim and linen. With the vertical steam, now you can even iron clothes that are hung on the wall without the need to take it down.

Supported with 3m cable allows you to move freely without any limitation from the cord. Furthermore, it also has an auto turn off so you do not need to feel worried or forget whether the iron has been turned off or not.

3. Morphy Richards 333020 Jet Steam

If you need to have the best steam generator then you might want to check out this product. Completed with a jet generator, that able to create great steam you can use to remove crease quickly.

The soleplate is made using stainless steel which is very durable so you can use the product for years to come. The water tank is detachable and has 1L capacity so you can iron more garment between each refill.

The water spraying feature will allow you to apply more moisture so you can remove tougher crease easier and give the sleekest and perfect finishing.

4. Morphy Richards Turbosteam Iron

This best turbo steam iron is using tip tech that allows the steam to shot with 120g power to penetrate deeper into the fabric so even difficult crease is able to removed effortlessly.

The steam output is constant thus the fabric will become relax so you can press and slide through it easily. Do not worry since it has a new system for non-drip water so there is no leak even when you use the iron before reaching its required temperature.

The diamond soleplate is the new and premium technology attached to this item offers the most durability so you can still iron with the best result even after years has passed.

5. Bosch TDA3020GB Power III

This product offers soleplate with Ceranium Glissee material that can be used to iron in multiple directions so you can manoeuvre easily in any direction that you want.

The anti-calc feature will allow the product to clean itself from any build-up thus it will continue to perform as good as a new product would. The integrated control allows the system to adjust the water flow so there is no water spot in the garment when in use.

The steam system is advanced which allow for more even distribution in targeted manners. Bigger inlet allows you to fill in the water faster.

6. Russell Hobbs Powersteam Ultra 20630

The next best steam iron is using with 3100w power which makes it heat up faster so you can finish your work quickly. The tapered tip is designed with button glove to let you slide through awkward parts of the clothes around fastenings so you will get the perfect and professional looking finishing.

It is also usable in a vertical position so you can remove wrinkle on hanging clothes, curtain and any other fabric easily. The variable steam allows you to adjust the steam level you want to apply on different fabric.

The quick spray feature will soften firm fixture so you can easily smooth it.

7. Philips GC4526/87 Azur Performer Plus

Easy crease removal can be done by using this product since it is equipped with strong 50g/min steam inconsistent output. Furthermore, you can also use boost stream in 210g power to target any stubborn crease so you can remove it in no time.

The container is equipped with calc cleaner so the steam performance can be maintained throughout usage without losing its ability. The tank has 300ml capacity and easy to fill through the opening that is open sideways, meanwhile the 2.5m cable allows you to move freely while working.

The soleplate is scratch-resistant so it will be more durable in a long time.

8. Beldray BEL0534 Steam Surge Pro

Another generator steam iron that comes with a separated function for steaming and ironing. The temperature can be controlled easily to better care for the fabric as you steam and iron it.

The station also comes with calc filter so there is no limescale or build-up that will ruin it. With continuous steam, you will be able to iron any clothes horizontally then with vertical steam you will be able to steam any hanging fabric with less effort.

The 1.8m cable can be wrapped around on the base of the station for convenient storage. The large tank has 2L capacity so you can iron nonstop longer.

9. Morphy Richards 303113

For easier ironing, the soleplate in this best steam iron is separated into three zones. The first one is the steam shot zone which will shot 180g powerful steam to remove the difficult crease.

The second one is the continuous steam zone which will continuously produce steam in 55g power which allows you to tackle most of the crease on the fabric surface.

The last is the pressing plant that does not have any steam hole but will help you to remove the moisture and crease thus you will get a clean and beautiful finish. Furthermore, the soleplate is Ionic which able to reduce the static on fabric.

10. Breville Press Xpress Steam Iron

This steam iron has soleplate with a ceramic finish that is super wide thus it will be more durable and cover the large surface area in no time.

You can get very smooth finishing since it produces 180g powerful steam to smoothen the crease. Furthermore, the steam can be delivered evenly from the centre of the iron to the tip because of the usage of steam channels technology.

This technology also allows you to iron more than one garment layer at once so you can quickly finish the job using this trick. It also uses 2800w power which will ensure for constant steam temperature since it can do faster recovery.


Having one of the best steam irons is important especially if you are very busy so you want to get the job done quickly and move on to other things.

Do not forget that you should choose steam iron with a suitable feature that you really need to get the best of your purchase. The handle of the product should also be comfortable enough to grip since ironing takes time to finish.

The great soleplate is also important since it is the key on the iron which do most of the hard work that you put it through. Of course, you should also choose good tank capacity to reduce the refilling hustle.

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