Top 10 Best Lawn Mowers 2019 UK

One of the main problem faced by most homeowners is the lawn which needs special treatments, especially when it goes to regular mowing. So, the point is beautiful patios and porch are meaningless if you don’t concern about the lawn. Hence, picking the right treatment stuff, like the lawn mower is essential.

To sum up, we have the best lawn mower to be put your shopping list., sol let’s take a closer look

Top 10 best lawn mowers 2019 UK

1.Flymo HoverVac 280 Electric

As most lawn mowers come in bulky item, this edition of the Flymo HoverVac come out with a friendly design and usage that help you mow the lawn practically.

The unit is easy to store by simply folding the holder. This is packed in fully assembled with the 28 cm cutting width that is ideal for your small or medium lawn.

Besides, one of the most notable features from the Flymo HoverVac is the large grassbox that can hold up to 20, allowing you collect more grass with its easiness to clean it as well. Cleaning the grass is simple. Just open the lid and remove the grass in less effort.

2.Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower

If you often complain about the heavy electric rotary of a lawnmower, maybe this item suits your needs best. Bosch Rotak brings enhanced grass combs that can cut the grass up to the edge.

Like the Flymo HoverVac, we have mentioned before, the Bosch Rotak offers a handy unit that can be folded for easy storing.

The rear roller is stable so it prevents scalping. Additionally, the unit features 31L grassbox that allows you save more grass. Such a perfect stuff for you who have to work that much to mow your small or medium lawns with higher grass.

3.Bosch Rotak 37 Ergoflex Electric Rotary

It is still with another edition Bosch Rotak. This type allows you to adjust the lever height to suit different conditions. So, whether you have the long grass that leads you to a heavy duty cleaning, the machine can works well and supports all your needs.

There is a button with Quick Click setup which let you set up your machine in minimal effort.

Mowing now is an easy job as the machine has the ergoflex handles that will not lead you to suffer from back pain because you can adjust the machine with flexible posture. Your job now becomes easier in less control.

4.Flymo Easimo Electric Wheeled

It is more than 50 years Flymo has taken the Britain’s heart offering the simplicity and easy use for the home need.

We find most of their units come in a great design with its flexibility and advanced technology, just like this one.

This type has 32 cm cutting that you can suit with your medium or small garden. The grass box is bigger with 29 ltr capacity helping you collect more grass and simplify your job.

It is a handy machine that can be moved anywhere, so thanks to the 8.3 kg in weight.

5.Hyundai 16 inch/40 cm, 99cc Petrol

Looking for a machine that offrts easy cutting with less fuel consumption? Hyundai might be the king of great motor technology. It has 99cc four-stroke OHV petrol engine. The 40cm cutting with making it as a perfect stuff to mow a 20×20 m lawn.

No more bending your body with this polypropylene chassis that can cut the grass from 25 to 75mm. With an 18.5 kg in weight, the smart unit is easy to move and store.

You can cut all the grass with 40L grassbox capacity. Hyundai also provides a folding holder to increase comfort.

6.Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover

At the first sight, Flymo seems to make the same feature to each type they have produced. In fact, we found different features that finally led us to put it in the top 10.

It sounds Flymo making an outstanding machine that always comes as the lightweight that can collect more grass. But this offers a powerful motor with 1300 watt of power and 4 heights of cut. The cutting grass process becomes easier with 10-metre cable which is very appropriate for your small garden. The cutting is tidy to use the 30 cm cutting blade.

Thus, for you who are looking for a simple design yet powerful to meet your need, Flymo’s items can be your first list to choose!

7.Bosch AHM 38 G Manual

It is one of the most durable mower with cylinder blade that suitable for the small lawns. Compared to the competitors, the high geared side wheels let you ease to push it around for gaining strips over the lawn.

Most importantly, the machine offers stability allowing you getting a better result even at the edges of the garden.

With a 7 kg weights, you simply can move it around with 25L grassbox that saves your time to empty it. Thus, Bosch AHM 38 G mower is the most wanted item by homeowners who have busy days and need stuff that can make everything simple.

8.Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion Robotic Lawnmower

Are you thinking about the best lawn mower that can mowing the lawns and make the natural fertilizer?? If so, this product is the answer.

The Flymo 1200R Lithium-Ion is an automatic machine that has been equipped with a variety of good features. You now can do something else as all of the garden jobs will be taken by this automatic mower. It is an efficient stuff for urban people that have no time to do such heavy work.

The Flymo Robotic Lawnmower brings Lithium-ion battery that can cut the grass with an irregular pattern. The robot is suitable for a small lawn up to 400 m2 which can cut 30 m2 areas per hour. Still, don’t believe it? Yes, you should try this machine if you are tired forcing muscles on the leisure times.

9.Bosch AVR 1100 Verti Cutter

This is one of reliable mower that can help you to cut down the high grass faster.. The Bosch AVR offers you fast vertical-cutting with 50L box.

It is equipped with 1100 watt Powerdrive motor and also ‘Jet-Collect System that make your mowing process successful without tool blockage.

The double folding handing allows you store the machine in tiny spaces. It works with minimum noise so your family members will not get disturbed by the noise. If you just save times, this machine is highly recommended.

10. Flymo FTL330 Turbo Lite Electric Hover

What else that can attract attention except for the Flymo Turbo item with its sleek design. It is an electric lawnmower that has the 33cm metal blade width for small and medium gardens and powered by 1150 watt motor.

This is a lightweight stuff that you should consider as one of your home stuff to simplify your job at the weekends. Cutting down the grass is never that easier and simple with its handy and foldable holder. It is really practical!

The main cable is long enough, measuring 10 metre so it will provide you the freedom as well as flexibility to move the lawn.


You know some lawn mowers are pricy due to the features that might not be found in other products. If you ask what is the best machine, well it depends on your need. Know your lawn type will help you choose the item that suits you the most.

After that, consider the size of your garden and how large your grassbox needed which this will determine how long it takes to mow your lawn.

If you just have no time to do this heavy job, you probably can take some benefits from the robotic lawn mower which you can let it do all the work!