Top 10 Best Food Processors 2021 UK

A food processor is a kitchen essential for most households. It saves time on hand-slicing or shredding fruit, vegetables and cheese. A food processor can also quickly whip up sauces, creams and dough. If you are shopping for the best food processor, knowing what features that you want is the first step you must do.

If you are looking for a helping hand in your kitchen then you would definitely be searching for the best food processor. But obviously, with all the different models available today in the market, it is very difficult to figure out which food processor will be the best.

We all have different needs in our kitchen and so the best food processor for one person will be the least desirable for the other person. If you don’t want to waste your time looking for the best model, you can read our review below. After doing small research, we have found some best food processors that are powerful and durable.

Scroll down to read our analysis of the best food processors 2021 in the UK.

1. Bosch MutiTalent3 MCM3501MGB Food Processor

Preparing food is one of complicated house works you should do every day for your family. Preparing the ingredients, chopping, slicing, grating, shredding, mixing, and other steps are quite tiring for you. Moreover, these steps sometimes waste your time a lot especially when you do them manually, one by one. Therefore, many people are thinking about home appliances which can improve these jobs.

Fortunately, Bosch has offered a multifunction food processor which will assist you to prepare any foods for your beloved family. It can replace you to do chopping up to mixing the ingredients of foods you are going to prepare. Surely, this processor will do it much faster than you used to do. Having Bosch MutiTalent3 MCM3501MGBFood Processor on your side feels like you have some persons who help you carry out kitchen tasks.

Bosch MutiTalent3 Food Processor comes with medium size. It is approximately four pounds with the dimension of 26.00 x 22.00 x 37.50 cm. However, it is designed elegantly. With the silver colour and transparent bowl, this food processor looks stylish and well-built. Bosch MutiTalent3 can perform the tasks to prepare foods: shredding, slicing, chopping, and mixing can be done in a very quick time.

2. Kenwood FPM810 Multi-Pro Sense, Metal

Do not say that cooking is hard work after you try Cuisinart Kenwood FPM810 Food Processor. It will help you to reduce kitchen preparation works because you can easily slicing, chopping, dicing, mixing, shredding, and pureeing all ingredients. The motor is so powerful to work faster, better result, and save time. The capacity is 3.5 litres or 14 cup for more ingredients to process and you can cook for more people.

The technology is how you cook in a modern way. Features are amazing and stand out from others product. Moreover, the elegant design with stainless steel finish makes your modern kitchen look great. The bowl is strong. The feed tube is extra large to holds whole fruits and vegetables so you don’t need pre-cut. Kenwood FPM810 comes with Dual Whisk Slicing and grating discs, stainless steel blade for chopping and mixing, dough blade, and detachable disc stem. All removable parts above are dishwasher safe.

The device is easy to use, even the speed is automatically adjusted when you make dough for proper consistency. It is large enough and does cooking preparation tasks without hassle. You also go for it because the motor is so powerful. No complicated cleaning because you only need to put it on your dishwasher. And something you cannot deny is for the elegant look to your kitchen.

3. Kenwood Compact Food Processor, 1.4 L Bowl

A delicious taste of any food you make is influenced by many factors. Your ability, skill, and experience in cooking may be one of them, but you don’t have to ignore the tool or equipment you are used to operating while cooking. For this, you should consider this Kenwood Compact Food Processor because it offers you one thing other equipments don’t offer. It is such a chopper where you can dice and refine any ingredients or materials for any delicious food you are going to serve to your family members.

The first thing you can consider is about its specification and general shape. It has a capacity of 1.4 litres making it ideal for preparing large meals, The shape of the product is well and safe designed so that you can take a perfect diced result of any materials you put inside the product. For this product, you have to consider as well about the design which is mainly equipped with safety lock cover for ensuring the safety of you and perfect result of any process.

For operating this Food Processor, you 400W electrical power so that you don’t have to worry about big monthly payment you have to pay for the electrical fee. You can also use it for various purposes not only for dicing, but also for mincing, chopping, and more. The product has also a sharp blade enabling it to dice many kinds of foods or ingredients as like the crude one such as carrot and so on.

4. Kenwood Food Processor, 2.1 L Bowl FDP301W

This is another great Kenwood Food Processor on the market. KitchenAid KFPW760WH Food Processor is a solution for you who need a partner in the kitchen. The Kenwood FDP301W Food Processor operates in 800-watt power and it is a powerful food processor that will help you to quick chops, dices, and slices in fast time. It is suitable to chops all ingredients such as potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

It is completed with 2.1 L Bowl and 2 speeds plus pulse that can help you in making a variety of recipes. You can also use multipurpose stainless steel blades that will help you to do all activities. You can easily use this product because there is on and off button as well. This product comes equipped with various attachments to will help you to create an array of dishes

This food processor is stylish but it is not suitable for large quantities of ingredient.

5. Decen Food Processor Multifunctional,

We’re all looking for ways to simplify the things that we do on a regular basis. From our work at the office to taking care of the home, anything that we can do to make things easier on ourselves and save us time is usually a wise investment. The Decen Food Processor simplifies kitchen chores by taking the hard work out of food preparation.

If you’ve ever dusted off a cookbook with intentions of making a nice meal, only to put it right back on the shelf once you saw all the preparation steps, you should consider this Decen Food Processor. Monotonous tasks, like chopping fruits, slicing vegetables, or even making homemade baby food, become simple as pie with this versatile kitchen appliance.

The Decen Food Processor is a powerhouse of a food processor equipped with a whopping 12-cup bowl. There’s no recipe too big or food item too tough. From chopping onions to slicing thick carrots, you can do it all, plus a lot more with this product. Not only is the work bowl big on this model, but the motor is also powerful. This Food Processor features a workhorse 1100 watt motor. Some food processors bog down when the tough culinary tasks are at hand, but that’s never a concern with it. The motor on this unit makes it a perfect fit for nearly any preparation requiring chopping, mincing or slicing.

The food processor comes equipped with 3 Speeds and combined with Pulse function settings, these features will allow you to have total control with this processor without any confusion to manage different buttons.

6. Magimix 18591 5200XL Food Processor

Nowadays, numerous kitchens across the country all have some type of food processor in it. Gone are the days when the only way to prepare food is by manually slicing, chopping, mixing, shredding and chopping. With the emergence of food processors, it now takes less effort and time to prepare food in the kitchen. Whether you are looking to bake bread or make some fresh fruit juice, food processors can help you do the job. The Magimix 18591 5200XL Food Processor is currently one of the most popular food processor models in the market today.

The Magimix 18591 5200XL features multiple speeds that you can choose from depending on the food you want to prepare and how you want to prepare it. Noise is a common problem when it comes to food preparation. Fortunately, the Magimix 18591 Food Processor offers low-noise operation so you can prepare the foods in your kitchen without making a ruckus.

It is powered by a Powerful 1100 W motor that can be adjusted automatically depending on what’s in the bowl, It also comes with a large 3.6L capacity, makes it ideal for big families or even batch cooking., Like many advanced food processor units, the device comes with parts and accessories that can easily be washed in the dishwasher. The manufacturer provides 30-year motor and 3-year parts guarantee

7. VonShef 750W Food Processor

People who love to bake often aren’t aware of how much a food processor can help them out. Kneading dough is just part of the game for bakers, and it can be tiring and time-consuming. Still, though, there’s something special about homemade bread or desserts that make baking so appealing. If you’ve wanted to bake more, but avoid the tough work of dough preparation, VonShef 750W Food Processor maybe just the kitchen appliance you’ve been looking for. Even if you don’t like to bake that much, this great food processor can take the hard work out of other food preparation labour. You only need this machine to chop, mix, grate, shred, slice, make dough, blend or liquidise ingredients in one

The VonShef 750W Food Processor has a reputation for being very simple to use. Everyday cooking time is whittled down to the bare minimum with the help of this model. Instead of jumping back and forth between different foods that need to be cut, sliced or chopped, you can let this Food Processor take care of all those tasks for you. It’s great for chopping fresh fruits and vegetables. And best of all, you won’t suffer from hand cramps caused by endless cutting with a knife and chopping board.

With all the cutting power this model has in addition to a specialized dough blade system, it’s easy to understand why the Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus (DLC-2011N) Food Processor is considered the best food processor among bakers and everyday chefs all over the world. It comes equipped with a 1.8L blending jar and combined with a 2L mixing bowl with an extra-wide chute, of course, this will allow you to process a large quantity of ingredients at once.

8. Philips Viva Compact Food Processor

If you need a compact food processor with many great features for your kitchen, this Philips Viva Processor should be considered on your list. The Philips Viva Compact Food Processor delivers the next big innovation for the modern kitchen. With six different accessories and combined with 29 different functions: chop, knead, whisk, shred, slice, juice, and more, it can provide home chefs with multiple food processors in one!

This device not only helps you to process vegetables and other food ingredients, but you can also make great dough for bread. It comes with 800 watts of peak power driving a variety of accessories that make every meal easier to prepare. The capacity is 1.5 L working capacity, 2.1 Litres total. It is very easy to use and durable and will give you a different experience in your kitchen.

This Product is easy to clean and all accessories dishwasher safe, meanwhile its overall design is 24.4 x 24.4 x 37.7 cm and colour coded speed guidance is also available that can help you choose the right speed for each attachment

9. Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro Compact Food Processor

Lots of people are looking for ways to start cooking more at home and eating out less. The scary part about cooking for many of these folks is the food preparation steps. Cutting, chopping and mincing can be a real pain. To make life easier on-at-home cooks, the Kenwood FDM302SS Multipro 800-watt Food Processor is one of the most popular models available. This model comes with a 2.1 Litre bowl capacity, tough, powerful and will make your food preparation simple.

This Cuisinart food processor makes getting meals prepared a lot easier than you might ever imagine. Included with this model are Stainless steel knife blades made for specific types of jobs. It also comes with Glass blender with a capacity of 1.2 Litre, great for making a variety of dishes that are both hot and cold, thanks to the thermo-resist glass

The preparation bowl on the Kenwood FDM302SS food processor is very nice and to top things off, when you’re done cooking, simply disassemble the food processor, put the parts in the dishwasher and done. Clean up is very easy with this Kenwood food processor.

10. Cuisinart Style Collection Easy Prep Pro

People who like to practice the art of creative cooking will enjoy using the Cuisinart Easy Prep, a 350-Watt, 2-Cup bowl (1.9L and 0.7L.) food processor. This compact food processor gives you the power to handle any food preparation task with ease.

The KitchenAid KFP750 is a compact food processor and the powerhouse that is up to any chopping or slicing challenge. With a powerful 350 watt motor, this Cuisinart is capable of handling your toughest food preparation tasks.

Making great food for your family can be a hassle when you think about cutting, chopping and pureeing by hand. With the Cuisinart Easy Prep Food Processor, your kitchen work is reduced dramatically. It includes small and large chopping/mixing blades and slicing and grating discs. This product also has a high-grade stainless steel blade that can process foods perfectly.


All choices listed here come with great features which can ensure precision and perfect control when processing foods. No matter what the choice, the best food processor should provide value for the money. They should be durable and equipped with important accessories.

If you need a food processor that lets you store accessories in the same place, then you can consider choosing Bosch MCM4100. However, if you need a food processor that can be used without electricity, then Zyliss EasyPull Manual should be considered.

How to Choose a Food Processor

There are some factors that you must check when shopping for a new food processor. For example, check whether it is powerful so that it can process foods quickly and consistently. Another consideration is to check whether it comes with extra attachments or not.

Food processors are useful and versatile appliances for any kitchen. A machine could make everything from a fresh fruit salad to a hearty salsa. Because of their many features, though, determining which one to purchase can often be overwhelming. Before you decide to buy one, read the tips below for help on how to choose the best food processor to suit your kitchen.

Size and Capacity

First, try to decide how you will use your food processor. If you will only be using your machine to chop smaller items or make sauces, consider purchasing one in a mini size. Mini food processors are lightweight machines that are often less than 10 inches tall. Their work bowls can typically hold 3 cups, which is ideal for processing small amounts of herbs, cheeses, frosting and dip. Their small size makes them perfect for compact kitchens that have a limited amount of counter space.

For regular use, a full-size processor would be a better choice. These machines can hold from 4 cups to 10 cups and come with a wide range of features. Standard processors are capable of chopping, slicing, shredding, grinding, grating and pureeing. For these, you should be mindful of the size of the feed chute. Opt for a larger one with a wide opening if you will be using your machine to chop whole fruits and vegetables. Lastly, consider purchasing a model with a dough blade attachment and speed controls if you intend to use your machine for baking.

For high-volume processing, a food processor with a larger capacity is best. These powerful models are designed for heavy-duty tasks and come with work bowls that hold up to 20 cups. In addition to the standard features, some larger models also include a mini bowl accessory for processing small foods.

Motor Wattage

A food processor’s motor will determine how well it handles tough jobs. Mini processors come with a small motor that is able to handle only minor tasks. Aim for a larger machine with a wattage over 500 if you will be chopping whole fruits and vegetables, kneading dough or running the machine for long periods of time.

Accessories and Attachments

Some food processors come with a second work bowl designed for sauces, dips, and salsa. Disc attachments are also common. These stainless steel discs can slice, grate, shred and create French fries.

Other accessories often included are plastic dough blades, food pushers, spatulas, recipe books, and DVDs. If you want a versatile machine, be sure to check its included accessories and available attachments.

Safety Features

Many machines are designed with safety in mind. Some bases have suction feet that grip the surface to prevent the machine from travelling across the counter. Others feature a blade-locking system that keeps the dangerous blade embedded inside the bowl while the food is being poured. Retractable cords, shatterproof bowls, locking lids, and dishwasher-safe attachments also help to prevent injuries.

Style and Color

Food processors come in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Black or white plastic bases are most common, but some machines are also available in red, blue, purple, pink, green and yellow. For more style options, machines also come in brushed stainless steel and polished chrome as well as heavy-duty cast metal bases.

Choosing the best food processor for your kitchen is not hard once you know what to look for. Just consider the above tips when shopping online or at your local store. Remember to take into account your intended usage, safety considerations, style preferences and space requirements to select the right model for your needs.