Top 10 Best Deep Fat Fryers UK 2021 Review & Buying Guide

If you want to make chips from cut strips of potato, then having the best deep fat fryer is a must. It is a tool that does exactly as the name suggests. The main benefit of having a deep fat fryer is that you can deep fry just about anything.

Some of these choices include carrots, parsnips, sausages, chicken, and fish. Once you have known the advantages of having a deep fat fryer, you may wonder how you can find the best unit. Fortunately, we have listed some best models available out there.

10 Best Deep Fat Fryers 2021 UK

Check some best models that we have listed here. You can find the best deep fat fryer that suits your cooking needs.

1. Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer

It is a perfect deep fat fryer that offers the easy way of deep-frying at home. This deep fat fryer provides maximum control and ease of use.

It comes with the viewing window, which makes it easy if you want to monitor the progress. With the addition of the rise and fall basket, you can drain oil from the food easily. Also, you can find a ready-to-cook indicator that works automatically once the fryer has managed to reach your chosen temperature.

This unit also comes with a removable enamel bowl which is useful when cleaning the unit. Breville Easy Clean Deep Fryer is also equipped with 2L oil as well as 1kg food capacity and a digital timer that will notify with sound alerts when the dishes are finished cooking.

2. Tefal ActiFry Low Fat Fryer

This is your best choice if you are looking for a deep fat fryer that offers a healthier way to fry. It comes with a patented technology which ensures that you can cook a variety of delicious meals.

This unit is very versatile. In fact, you can cook various recipes and you can ensure that the fryer will handle the job well. You will also receive a free recipe booklet once you have purchased this unit. Tefal ActiFry is easy to clean as it comes equipped with a removable ceramic coated pan.

It comes with a patented hot air system which ensures that you will get the best result. Another advantage is that there is no need to stir or shake during cooking.

3. Tefal ActiFry Family Express

Tefal ActiFry Family Express lets you cook up to 30% faster than the original ActiFry. It comes with some advanced features which make it better than other deep fat fryers available out there.

For example, this unit comes with a higher cooking temperature and electronic temperature control. Another feature is that it has a more 50% capacity than the original ActiFry fryer. It means that this unit is more than enough for a family of eight people.

With the use of the dual motion technology and automatic stirring paddle, there is no need to stir and preheat. From starters to desserts, this unit is very versatile as it offers endless possibilities.

4. Quest Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer

If you need a deep fat fryer that comes with a large capacity, then Quest Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer would be a great choice. It comes with a fantastic 3lt capacity thus it can accommodate your needs.

If you have a family of eight people, then choosing this unit is a must. This unit is also easy to handle as it comes with cool-touch handles. To add the ease of use of the fryer, it is also equipped with a detachable basket handle.

What makes it better than other fryers out there is the use of the cool zone technology. Using this feature, your used oil doesn’t have to be discarded immediately.

5. Swan SD6040N Fryer

Swan SD6040N Fryer comes with the 7 different temperature functions so that you can deep fry everything from chips to fish at the touch of a button. You can control the temperature easily thanks to its adjustable thermostat so you can cook various delicious foods perfectly

We can say that the size is perfect, especially if you have a large family. It also comes with a cool-touch handle which provides protection when you are holding the unit. This unit holds 3ltr of oil and it also comes with a 1Kg food capacity.

Monitoring the progress is also easy as it comes with the viewing window. Cleaning this unit is also easy, thus you won’t find any issues. Other safety features are an overheat protection and automatic shut off.

6. VonShef Compact 1.5L Fryer

This is a perfect choice if you want to cook doughnuts, chips, tasty fish, and fritters. It comes with the stylish high-grade stainless steel housing for easy cleaning and food removal.

This model is not only powerful when used to cook a range of different recipes, but it is also easy to use. It comes with a thermostat dial which is adjustable up to 190 C.

With the use of this thermostat dial, it is easy to cool your favourite food at the right temperature. There is an indicator light so that you know when the unit is powered up and ready to go.

7. Tefal Maxi Fryer FF123140

The next choice is Tefal Maxi Fryer FF123140. With the use of cool-wall housing, this unit is easy to touch while cooking. It allows you to cook your favourite food in the most convenient way.

You can monitor the progress of your food with the viewing window. In addition, the use of temperature control can ensure that the food matches your tastes.

This model is also easy to clean as it comes with the lid and basket which are removable. Another feature is the addition of five adjustable thermostats settings so that you can cook various recipes from vegetables, chicken, to fish.

8. Tower T17001 Fryer

Tower T17001 Fryer also comes with adjustable thermostat features that allow you to take total control of your cooking. You can adjust the thermostat to suit your liking. It is easy to create delicious dishes with this deep fat fryer.

To add comfort while cooking, it also uses a multi-function handle with a lifting system. With the use of the large observation window, you can observe your food. It has capacity of 2-litre, enough to handle up to four servings. The manufacturer also includes the Interlock safety feature to provide maximum safety when in use

The large observation window lets you focus on other tasks as you can let the unit do its job. The indicator light is another feature that helps you a lot as it can provide clear instruction.

9. Russell Hobbs Digital Deep Fryer 17942

There are some good reasons why you must include Russell Hobbs Digital Deep Fryer 17942 on your list. It comes with a large 1.2KG food capacity and 3.3L oil capacity, thus it is an ideal choice for a large family.

You can ensure that you will always have enough room in the fryer. It also comes with a digital timer that can ensure that you never overcook. To add ease of use, there is an easy control rise and fall basket.

The basket is designed to make it easy for you to access the food easily. Remove the bowl for cleaning is easy as it comes with a non-stick coated removable bowl.

10. Premier Houseware 5 L Deep Fryer

This fryer is made using durable steel, thus it can be used for a long period of time. For added toughness, it also comes with a red enamel finish. Note that there is also a heat-resistant glass Pyrex lid which sits on top.

You can also find handles on the sides which can ensure that you can pick up the pot safely with both hands. This fryer is versatile as you can use it in a conventional oven.

The best part is that it can also be used as a serving dish. Overall, if you need a deep fat fryer that is versatile and durable, make sure that you choose Premier Houseware 5 L Deep Fryer.


A modern deep fat fryer has become a popular choice for homeowners who want to cook various recipes in a more comfortable way. These devices are easy to operate and they also come with lots of features which really help you while cooking.

Check our list here and you can find some cool models. There are some deep fat fryers that come with the variable temperature control so that you can cook your food at the right temperature. You can also find other models that have a large capacity. By using our list here, you can save your time when shopping for the best deep fat fryer.

How to Choose The Best Home Deep Fryer

All right, so it isn’t really the most gadgety of gadgets, but a home deep fryer really is a must-have kitchen gadget.  I’ve had a countertop deep fryer for just about my entire adult life and I use it frequently.  If you haven’t had tater tots fresh from a boiling cauldron of hot peanut oil, then you just haven’t lived.

Now, where were we?

While people like to make fun of fast-food employees, there really is a bit of art and technique to making perfectly crispy non-greasy deep-fried foods. A lot of it has to do with the main tool you’re going to use – your deep fat fryer.

Not all fryers are created equal, and there are definitely some important aspects you need to look for when you’re checking out deep fryers for the home.

You Want a Home Deep Fryer With Adjustable Temperature Settings

Proper deep frying requires a bit of adjustability when it comes to the temperature.  You can’t deep fry fish and french fries at the same temperature;  You’ll either burn your fish to a crisp (not a good crisp – a gross crisp), or your french fries will be soggy and undercooked.  Fish usually deep-fries at around 350°, but 375° is a more appropriate temperature for french fries – and yes that little bit makes a difference.  What I’m getting at here is that those one-temperature deep fryers just aren’t going to cut it.

Small Home Deep Fryers With Low Capacity Are Lame

There are some inexpensive tiny deep fryers out there, and if these are the only fryers within your budget, just skip it. Unless you plan to deep fry 7 french fries at a time, maybe 1 chicken tender, or a handful of battered broccoli, then you’re just going to be disappointed with a cheap deep fryer’s capacity.  This may sound a bit strange, but deep frying is a group affair – almost any time someone finds out I have mine, they want to deep fry anything and everything.  It’s great for parties, and a tiny little deep fryer just won’t measure up.

The Best Home Deep Fryer Is One That Is Easy To Clean

As you might imagine, a large vat of boiling fat can make for a quite a mess.  While it isn’t necessary to clean your deep fryer after every use, it should be done regularly.  My deep fryer is easy to take apart, the oil can be easily poured out without spilling everywhere, and the whole thing except the control panel is dishwasher safe.  This is exactly what you want in your deep fryer.

So What Is The Best Deep Fryer for Home Use?

While I haven’t personally used this one – I have a model that is no longer available, but incredibly similar – my vote goes to the Tefal product.  It has all of the features I mentioned above and then some.