Top 10 Best Decorators Trousers and Guide

Not many people know it, but there are actually some of the best decorators trousers that professionals may wear. As the name suggests, the trousers are often worn by professionals in the industry, such as home improvement projects, painters, workmen, and others.

These kinds of trousers aren’t the top priority for fashion in this line of work, but it does deliver a sense of professional image whenever worn. Moreover, these kinds of trousers can protect the wearer from splash or spill. Some products even have their own extra safety features that will keep the wearers safe and sound. There are several Decorators Trousers that are known for their reputation, top-quality performance, and reliability.

Let’s check out the 10 best decorators trousers in the UK.

1. ProDec Stain-Resistant Advance Trousers

The ProDec trousers aren’t only comfortable to wear, but they are coming with various useful features that can help you with your work. It is stylish and pleasant to the eyes, and yet they are also sturdy and tough.

Features you will love from this product are:

· The fabric is stain resistant. The fabric is made from polycotton material that has a stain-resistant coating. You won’t have to worry that the trousers will be dirty or lousy, even after repeated wearing.

· Elastic waist. You will have to move around easily (and comfortably). With an elastic waist, you won’t have to deal with the difficulty to move, bending, stretching, sitting, and doing such things alike.

· Stylish look. The trousers have this stylish contrast grey that will make them look good. Who says you can’t look good even when doing harsh (and often messy) work?

· Strong seams. The trousers have triple stitching on the seams so you can wear the trousers for a longer time despite the hard work put on those trousers.

· Multiple pockets. The pockets are handy since they are designed to accommodate tools.

· Wipe Mate. Workers often have their hands dirty and they need something to wipe them off. With this Wipe Mate, a detachable patch that comes along with the trousers, you can keep your hands clean without making your trousers dirty.

2. Portwest KS54WHRS Pro Trousers

The professional working trousers may look simple and straightforward, but they are somewhat classy and stylish. Don’t underestimate its look because it has tons of functional features hidden underneath its (seemingly) simple design. If you want to look professional and a bit stylish while at work, then you should consider this one as your option.

The things you love about the trousers are:

· Practical design. The trousers look smart and clean, and they are jammed with smart features, like Oxford contrast (for a modern look and extra resistance to abrasion) and a slim fit.

· Extra protection. The trousers are made from special garments with reflective quality and also tabs to boost visibility. They are bar-tacked within the entire stress points to promote long-lasting use as well as protect the users for as long as possible

· Handy storage pockets. The trousers are basically filled with pockets that you can use to store your tools, even for your phone. To make sure that tools are secured and well kept, it has a hammer loop for extra safety.

· Elastic waist. Not only does it promotes a comfortable fit, but it helps you to move around freely and easily.

3. Atomic Painters Trouser

This one may look like regular painter trousers, but there are several useful features being packed in it. First of all, the cargo design is about comfortable use and wear. Not to mention that it is also stylish and it looks good. So, instead of wearing a pair of training-look alike pants, you’ll wear cargo pant that is designed to help you work and move freely.

Other features that you may find superior about the pant are:

· Tons of storage pockets. Cargo pants are known for their many pockets and this one isn’t different. There are many pockets and each of them is designed for different usages. There are two pockets on the front, one at the back, one cargo pocket, one pocket for a mobile phone, and there are two extra pockets for the pen. There is plenty of storage available!

· Durable material. The pants are made from polycotton, a durable material that isn’t easily torn or worn.

· Comfy and secure fit. The waist is elastic to make sure that you have no problem wearing it. The seams are reinforced for extra strength and durability.

4. Portwest Regular Men Trousers

The trousers are comfortable and nice on the legs. Although it is made from a ‘hardy’ material (which is typically tough and solid), it still feels nice on your skin. It’s not soft, for sure, but it doesn’t cause itchiness or burns either. The high cotton nature is for extra comfort, lined with non-shrinking (workwear) fabric for prolonged use. It also comes with the standard size and length, designed for all kinds of users.

The main features you will love about the trousers are:

· Comfortable wear. The combination of good material and elastic waist creates a pair of trousers that are quite comfortable. The trousers allow you to move freely without causing you any restriction or issues.

· Pockets for storage. Painter trousers need a lot of pockets for storage, especially for tools.

·  This trouser has a lot of pockets, whether it is for your pen, your tool, or even your mobile phone. Those pockets are scattered everywhere for easy access. To make it even easier, they are added a bar and hook closure to ensure safekeeping and security. You will never go wrong with these trousers.

5. Hashoob Painter Decorator Trousers

If you don’t know that decorator trousers exist, you probably think that this one is just a regular combat-cargo type that you can wear when you are doing heavy-duty work. It’s because the trousers are super stylish, super good-looking, and super attractive. Whereas most decorator trousers make you look like clowns, this one doesn’t. And you can certainly work with style, for sure!

There are many good reasons why the trousers are getting positive reviews and feedback from users:

· It is comfortable. The elastic waist is nice. The material is stretchy, which enables you to move freely and comfortable without feeling too constrained or too tight. Although it isn’t tight, it doesn’t loose either so it won’t make you look lame.

· Knee protection. The knee protection will definitely protect you from any scuff. And it’s made from Cordura, which means that you won’t have to worry that the trousers would be damaged after going through a hard beating.

· Useful pockets. The pockets are handy for tools and extra items. When you wear this trouser, you will have enough storage that can help you with your work.

6. Prodec PC19936 Painter Trousers

If you are looking for trousers that are easy to wear, easy to clean, and look great, then this product from Prodec would be ideal and great. Since the trousers are pre-shrunk, you won’t have to worry that your trousers would shrink or even damaged when you wash it with a regular washing machine. It’s comfortable to wear. Plus, it looks great!

The things you will love about the trousers are:

· The elastic waist. It is comfortable, enabling you to have an easy (and comfortable) fit without being too constrictive or too limited. You can move around freely, affecting your work and movement.

· Quilted knee. The knee area is quilted to promote long-lasting usage and wear. The trousers won’t be easily damaged; no matter how hard the area or your surroundings

· Multiple pockets. The pockets are great for accommodating various tools and items, including your mobile phone. In this way, you can improve your work efficiency without sacrificing comfort. There is even a storage area on the knee.

7. Prime Cargo Combat Trousers

The trousers have their own reflective tapes with various colours that will enhance visibility. The trousers themselves are coming in various colours, so you have other options besides white only. These pants look great as if they weren’t made for heavy-duty work. The reflective tape, especially, is handy because it improves visibility when you have to work in dark areas or at night, so accidents would be minimized.

What features can you expect from the trousers?

· Nice and comfortable material. There is a mix of polyester (35%) and cotton (65%). It means that you can wear the trousers comfortably without having to worry that the trousers are easily torn or worn or damaged after several usages. Even when you wear the trousers many times, they won’t easily break or damage.

· Easy clean. You can clean it by yourself by using the machine. No need to take it to a professional laundry or whatsoever.

· Knee protection. This feature is handy to prevent any scuff or ruff. This area is made from Cordura, which means that it is tough and solid, and you won’t have to worry about easy break

· Strong stitching. The 3 line stitching will make sure that the seams remain strong and solid even with heavy usage.

8. Snickers Decorator Trousers

This trouser is different from the others because it is made with a contemporary cut that promotes a unique twisted leg design. Thanks to such a design, the trousers are able to deliver outstanding comfort with each move you make. Top it off with quality material, and you won’t be disappointed with the performance.

Features you will appreciate from this trousers is :

· Leg pockets. The leg pockets are easy to reach and they are big too, enough to accommodate many tools and stuff that will make your work easy

· Comfortable fabric and materials. The trousers are made from 100% cotton with 100% (polyester) reinforcements. It means that the trousers are comfy without compromising the performance and strength of the trousers.

· Helpful and supportive customer service. They are friendly and they are super responsive.

9. Men Work Trousers Lux&J

The trousers are comfortable in neutral colours. It’s not coming in plain white, but there are grey accents close to the knee. So, it won’t be too plain or too blah. The elastic waist supports convenient usage that also enables you to move around freely.

What you will like about the trousers are:

· The pockets are many and big. They are great to accommodate your tools

· The materials are comfortable with 100% Cotton and you can wear them without having to worry about skin sensitivity and you can move freely

· Flexible size. The trousers are basically designed as all-size trousers, so everyone should be able to wear them

10. MS9 Cargo Combat Working Trousers

The trousers aren’t only good looking, but they are also functional. With zipper fastening, solid triple stitching seams, and Cordura knee pockets, you can expect improved functions and benefits. Many users claim that the trousers have a nice fit, which supports their movement.

The features to expect are:

· It’s easily washed and cleaned because it supports machine wash

· The material is comfortable and convenient, thanks to the combination of 35% polyester fabric and 65% cotton

· It is versatile, perfect for all kinds of works, ranging from simple (domestic) household work to professional industrial grade

· It is stylish and it is also comfortable


Decorators Trousers Buying Guide

When you are interested in buying painter (or also known as a decorator) trousers, there are several things that you may want to consider:

· Materials. Today’s decorator trousers are made from various materials and fabrics. Some are made from polycotton, which is said to be tough and sturdy, but others are made from twill cotton for more comfortable wear. It goes back to your personal preference, really, because one person’s preference for fabric can be different from the others.

· Pockets. What’s the use of having decorators trousers if you can’t maximize your work? Pockets are meant to improve efficiency while working because you should be able to easily pack your tools and use them for work.

· Placement of the pockets. You want to be able to reach those pockets easily, so make sure that you choose a pair of trousers whose pockets are within easily reached areas.

With all of those candidate options, you will never run out of options, really. And by knowing the basic guidelines of how to choose the best decorators trousers, you should be able to get the right one for you.


As you can see, there are many promising candidates when it comes to quality decorator trousers. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to the right trousers. You just need to make sure which product would be perfect for you based on your personal requirements.