Top 10 Best Bluetooth Wireless Headphones 2019 UK

If you are tired dealing with cable in your headphone, then you surely want to have the best Bluetooth headphone to replace it. These headphones are wireless which means you do not need to deal with any cable whatsoever. Even though this type of headphone has bad reputation for bad audio quality and short battery life, but now those reputation had been long gone.

Because of advance technology, now these wireless headphones works as good as the wired headphone while giving more flexibility that the wired headphone cannot give to you.

Here are some of the best products that you can consider.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones 2019 UK

1. OMorc Over Ear Headphones

This headphone has noise cancellation tech which make your headphone reduce the environment noise effectively. Furthermore this product works on both wired and wireless function as the cable is also included in the product.

The battery can be used for 8 long hours when fully charged. The cushion is designed ergonomically to ensure your comfort while listen to your favorite song for a long duration.

When connected with smartphone, you can easily answer call using the power button that has versatile usage. The microphone is already built inside the headphone itself thus you do not need to add anything.

2. Bluetooth Headphones, TaoTronics

When you need to have a Bluetooth headphone to listen to your favorite music while exercising, then this product is the one you should try. It is specially designed to be used while running since in only has 15 gram of weight.

Furthermore the inside the ear earbuds is ergonomically designed to ensure your comfort when using it while exercising for a long time. The covering is made using silicon material which makes it durable enough to be used if you exercise every day.

While exercising, you surely bound to sweat, but you should not have to worry since this product is reliable for exercising.

3. Bluetooth Headphones, Anker

This wireless headphone can deliver crisp sound so you can hear the music clearly. Furthermore the connection is also skip free thus there is no lost in the audio when you use it.

The product itself is designed to be slim and very light with only 15 gram weight but still offers great performance when used. When it is not in used, you can attach the soundbuds together since they are magnetic.

It is also nano coated which protect it against rain or sweat so you can work out to the limit without worry about losing your headphone function.

4. Betron BN15 Headphones

When you use this device you can be free from any wire problem that often tangled or disturb your activity.

You can easily connect it to your smartphone or music player so you can stream it directly to your headphone. This headphone have very long range which is 10 meter long so you do not need to be near with your music device but still able to listen to your favorite music.

With automatic connect feature, you do not need to reconnect the device on each usage. It also has on board microphone so you can still take calls between the music.

5. Wireless Headphones Mpow

This headphone already uses Bluetooth version 4.1 which has more stable signal better security encryption, lower power consumption, better transmission, and faster paring speed along with delivering dynamic audio.

With the noise reduction technology, it can filter background ambient to create clearer music sound for you to enjoy. Furthermore, it also has very stylish sporty appearance with case design that is coved in silver color reelection, so you will look dashing while using it.

The specially designed ear fins will lock the headphone steadily into your hear but still comfortable enough for you to use in long duration.

6. Bluedio T2S Turbine 2 Shooting Brake

When music and fashion is important parts of your life, then you surely love this cordless headphone since it has stylish appearance but still able to deliver clear and rich music into your ear.

It is able to create fantastic sound with powerful bass so you can enjoy your music to the fullest. The ear cups are specially designed so it can be rotate and fold which make it easier for you to store it while not in use.

Using Bluetooth version 4.1 allows it to have longer battery life up to 40 long hours when used to listen to music.

7. COWIN E7 Active

This Bluetooth device is engineered to give you super sound with noise cancelation technology that stops the ambient sound from disturbing it.

The ear pads are super soft which almost similar to the pillow softness so you can enjoy music for a long time comfortably. Furthermore it offers sound which is true to life that means you can hear the sound precisely.

This feature is important of you want to use the headphone to practice guitar so you can notice more detail by using this headphone which you may never head using other device. The bass and percussion can be heard clearly.

8. Andoer Bluetooth Headphone

This headphone will be the best product that you need if you want to have more versatility on the Bluetooth device you own.

Besides using Bluetooth 4.1 version which give the best sound possible, it also have audio jack connection which allows you to pair this headphone with various device whether that device has Bluetooth connection or not.

Furthermore it also have module for FM radio which allows you to stay in tune with your favorite channel. It also have mp3 player function so you can store music in the TF card then play it directly using this headphone without other device.

9. Running Headphones, Mpow 2nd Gen

If you love running, then you should try this headphone which specially designed to be used while running.

The earbuds are designed to be hooked behind the ear for more comfort and stability while running so it would not fall out of your ears. But does not worry since it also minimize the noise from outside so you can work out quietly.

With the latest Bluetooth technology 4.1 the connection is excellent so you can move around freely without losing the music, and the battery consumption is reduced, thus you can listen to music for 8 long hours.

10. Ecandy Bluetooth Wireless Over-ear Stereo

This last headphone is surely not the least since it has versatile function build into the device itself. Besides pairing it with your other device using Bluetooth connection, it also conveniently has built in player for either FM or mp3.

You can easily store your favorite music in the TF or SD card then plug it inside the headphone slot to play it without connecting it to other device. The headphone is designed to be foldable so you can save some space while storing it.

The earmuff has ultra soft cushion to ensure your comfort while using it. It is also useable using 3.3 mm cable.


Those are our top 10 best Bluetooth headphones that you should try to check out when you want to get the best device. Surely all of them have various features that you might want, but you still need to choose it based on your need and lifestyle. Some even have special design for you who want to use it while working out.

Some other has convenient build in players which you can easily use without other device connection. Stable connection and longer battery time is another thing you should search while selecting the best headphones to purchase. Nevertheless some of you might also need headphone that is more versatile to use with different device type.