Top 10 Best Headphones 2021 UK Review & Guide

If you are tired of dealing with cable in your headphone, then you surely want to have the best Bluetooth headphone to replace it. These headphones are wireless which means you do not need to deal with any cable whatsoever. Even though this type of headphone has a bad reputation for bad audio quality and short battery life, but now that reputation had been long gone.

Because of advance technology, now these wireless headphones work as good as the wired headphone while giving more flexibility than the wired headphone cannot give to you.

Here are some of the best products that you can consider.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones 2021 UK

1. Sony MDRZX310 Foldable

This is one of the highest-rated over-ear headphones in the UK. With this MDR-ZX310 headphone by Sony, you can enjoy rich and high-quality sound. These devices come with an excellent design which is lightweight and closed-type supra-aural, make it very portable and comfortable to use. You can bring this headphone wherever you go and put it in your bags or backpacks because the Earcups can be swivelled and folded

Product features

– It has a lightweight and folding design, great for high music mobility.
– It comes with 30 mm ferrite drivers for a powerful and balanced sound.
– The frequency range of up to 10–24,000 Hz
– Padded earcups make the user very comfortable when listening to music.
– Available in 4 different colours

2. DOQAUS 52 Hrs Foldable Over-Ear Headphones

DOQAUS came out with these powerful headphones in 2020 and so far I have seen many positive reviews about this model. Definitely they are one of the best from DOQAUS. Fashionable and stylish headphones are designed to look good on both men and women. If you need the perfect headphone for gaming, music and movies, this just might be it.

Product Features

– The playtime of Up to 52-Hour
– 3-EQ Modes which is designed to optimize sound quality
– Not only do they feature style, but they are also quite comfortable with an ergonomic design.
– It uses Bluetooth technology to delivers stable transmission speed, lower latency as well as better audio output
– 2 different colours are available, black and grey

3. Noise Cancelling Headphones, Boltune Bluetooth 5.0

Must love these Boltune over-ear headphones with black/white checkered graphics. As they are very comfortable headphones, it’s easy to forget you are wearing them. Great thing is that these Boltune headphones fold flat, which makes them easy to store and carry around. When talking about audio quality I must say these cool headphones have nice surround sound and quite a deep bass for the price.

Product features

– Bluetooth 5.0 makes the wireless connection hassle-free
– Great transmission distance, up to 15m outdoor and up to 20m indoor
– Noise reduction or noise-cancelling technology, where you could hear almost zero ambient and environmental sound
– More powerful battery life, for 30hr playtime, it only takes 0.8-1 hours recharge
– Folding design for easy storage

4. Rydohi Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Absolutely amazing Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones from Rydohi. Headphones are made of high-quality materials and you can choose between 8 colourful colours, looks very stylish. With a clear sound and nice bass, they are good music headphones with Built-In Mic. Sound quality is excellent, which makes them one of the best Over-ear headphones you would love to have at this price range.

Product Features

– Adjustable Design: It allows you to adjust the headband with soft head cushion
– The battery capacity of 400mAh, the full charging process takes approximately 2.5 hours and provides up to 12-15 hours if you use it for normal audio or talk time.
– Built-In Mic: You can chat easily with your friends or families
– Two Play Methods: Wireless or with 3.5mm aux cable

5. WorWoder Bluetooth Over-Ear Stereo Foldable Headphones

These WorWoder Bluetooth over-ear headphones are loved by many audiophiles. These headphones offer you super deep bass, extra good music experience while listening hip hop, R&B, rock and other, thanks to HD sound technology, that plays loud music without distortion. You will love these good quality headphones with a stylish design. Available in these colours: Black, Black-Blue, Black-Red, Black-Green, Black-Orange, Gold and Rose Gold.

Product Features

– Bluetooth transmitter: This headphone is an excellent choice for TV. You don’t need to worry about disturbing your family while they are sleeping
– Wireless & wired mode
– Noise relief technology: you will enjoy the best sound quality
– Long Battery Life, of up to 400mAh
– Ergonomic Light Weight Design: can be brought easily everywhere and put it into your backpacks thanks to its Foldable design

6. Betron B25 in Ear Canal Headphones

Designed with music lovers in mind. These Betron headphones have a well-defined luscious sound with a comfortable thump without compromising the music quality. It is a comfortable headphone and has lightweight design: perfect for travelling, working out or just relaxing. When you need to have a Bluetooth headphone to listen to your favourite music while exercising, then this product is the one you should try.

Product Features

– It offers active music lovers a natural, well-defined soundstage – with an extra kick of bass, thanks to 9mm High Definition speaker system
– This product is optimized for iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and other portable media players
– It is packed with Noise isolating technology so that the sound coming from the outside environment other than the speaker will not enter the ear.
– Cable Length 1.2m
– Comfortable fit and lightweight design: perfect for travelling, working out or just relaxing
– Special filters punch up the bass while allowing you to enjoy music at lower and safe volumes
– The manufacturer also includes a portable & convenient carry hard case to keeps it always safe.

7. ENACFIRE Future Wireless Headphones

This is one of the most popular wireless headphones in the UK. ENACFIRE headphones come with many great features including a unique Portable Charging Case which cannot be found in other products. This wireless headphone can deliver crisp sound so you can hear the music clearly. Furthermore, The product itself is designed to be slim and very lightweight only 15-gram weight but still offers great performance when used. Great for the gym, running as well as exercising.

Product Features

– It can be paired with your mobile phone with ease using phone’s Bluetooth menu.
– Auto Power On
– This product has a built-in high-quality audio chip that allows you to listen to the maximum sound without having to be disturbed from the sound outside the headphone environment.
– Made of Comfortable material and can fit perfectly in your ear.
– Bluetooth signal range that can reach 15-20m.
– With IPX5 waterproof level, you don’t have to worry about the rain or sweat

8. Riwbox XBT-80 Bluetooth Headphones

Enjoy a new level of audiophile listening with the digital wireless Riwbox XBT-80 headphones. This digital wireless headphone system delivers an uncompressed sound performance. It is very comfortable and compact and makes a treat to wear while out and about. With their closed-back design, there is minimal loss of sound and they also double as a decent pair of earmuffs! These phones are really made for the person on the go and the lifestyle of the street,

Product Details

– Power on/off, balance control and volume control integrated on the headphone
– Ergonomic and adjustable headband for an excellent and secure fit
– Rechargeable integrated batteries
– Wire/Wireless mode: The switches can be found at both sides of the headphone
– In Bluetooth mode, you can have full control, from next song, previous song and volume control

9. BienSound HW50 Stereo Low Bass Headphones

If you are looking for inexpensive headphones for your iPhone and Android Smartphones, PC, Laptop, Mp3/mp4 players, etc, you should consider these BienSound HW50 headphones. The BienSound are really well rounded and very comfortable on the head. They do seem a little bulky in some areas, but the phones are still streamlined very well and will not give you any trouble after a couple of hours of listening.

Product Features

– They are well balanced and have a good frequency range of 20-20000HZ.
– Yes they are brilliantly designed, yes they do pump out extremely good quality sound
– Stereo folding design: easily stored in a bag and carried wherever you go
– IN-LINE Mic: With this feature, you will be able to pick up calls or skip between tracks without missing a beat.
– Memory foam ear cushions that isolate noise

10. Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Bluetooth

When music and fashion are important parts of your life, then you surely love this Sony headphone since it has a stylish appearance but still able to deliver clear and rich music into your ear. The device is a solid alternative for those still looking to get a quality noise-cancelling headphone without having to spend all their money in one place. They deliver high-quality performance and active noise control that are the best. Durable and create a perfect audio world. You simply get all the sound you want, and none of the sound you do not want.

Product features

– Noise Cancelling with Artificial Intelligence Noise Cancellation (AINC) analyses background noise and adjusts it for optimal performance, especially when you are in a noisy environment. This feature is easy to activate, Just press then hold the NC button on the headphones.
– The long battery life of up to 5 hours, it only takes about 10 minutes quick charge for 60 minutes playback
– It comes with Audio cable so when the battery runs out, you can use it with a wired connection
– NFC One-touch for an easy and instant connectivity
– There is no NFC ?? No problem. You can still connect these headphones manually, just use the device settings menu.

Other Headphones to Consider

– Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones

When it comes to listening to music, Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones are worth considering. These totally cool Beats headphones are packed with amazing features you’ve never experienced in any headphones before. They are made with highly advanced materials aimed for audio accuracy and clarity to give you the best listening experience.

It has an advanced speaker design and extra-large speaker drivers combined with high power digital amplifier and powered noise cancellation that lets you hear the music of your favourite artists exactly how they want you to. Its advanced driver design is responsible for its precise audio clarity while the extra-large speaker drivers give super deep bass.

Also, it comes multifunction on-ear controls that allow you to take calls, control your music as well as activate Siri with ease. In terms of battery life, it can last up to 40 hours after a full charge.

– Sennheiser RS120 II RF

Sennheiser ser RS120 II RF Digital Wireless Headphone is a one-of-a-kind wireless headphone that is known to let you enjoy your home cinema better. It has a number of surprising features that make watching movies at home even better than going to the actual cinema.

Other cool features include a multipurpose transmitter that functions as a charge cradle and docking station, comfortable leather ear pads and headband cushions, detailed and balanced sound quality and combined with good clarity and bass response, and of course, that ergonomic and adjustable headband that ensures you a perfect fit. These remarkable features all turn your living room into a cinema.

Additionally, just as its name implies, this remarkable Sennheiser RS 170 is wireless with an 80m line of sight. That means you can go anywhere in your house and still keep up with the conversations in the movie. You can even listen to the news while watering the plants in your garden or preparing a nice sandwich in your kitchen.


Those are our top 10 best Bluetooth headphones that you should try to check out when you want to get the best device. Surely all of them have various features that you might want, but you still need to choose it based on your needs and lifestyle. Some even have special design for you who want to use it while working out.

Some other has convenient build-in players which you can easily use without other device connections. Stable connection and longer battery time is another thing you should search while selecting the best headphones to purchase. Nevertheless, some of you might also need a headphone that is more versatile to use with the different device type.

Wireless Headphones Buying Guide

Selecting the best wireless headphones requires knowing what kinds of headphones are available and what qualities each possess. There are many excellent choices to consider when buying the best wireless headphones. There are several characteristics that can be evaluated. Here are some parameters that will help determine the best for you.


Before considering anything else, it would be helpful to know what purpose the wireless headphones will be primarily used for. It will make a difference in what you will be listening to, where the headphones will be used physically, and if two-way communication will be required.


If you plan to plug in a variety of peripheral devices, be sure the transmitter will accommodate the input. Several models only have a single input jack. The best wireless headphones allow all your devices to be played including Laptop, PC, DVD, and game boxes.

Physical Location

When walking around the house and listening to music or a favourite soap opera, consider using RF frequency. This signal can go through walls and will even follow you outside. Even the best Bluetooth headset doesn’t allow the user out of the room.

Two-way communication

If hands-free communication is a requirement for gaming or working on-line, then a wireless headset is on the table for consideration. If good sound quality would also be appreciated, one of the best Bluetooth headsets would fit your needs.

Size and Style

Personal preference based on comfort and extended wear time can influence the choice of headphones. The choice of a seven-foot-tall 300-pound man may differ from a tiny elderly lady. Certain styles are larger and heavier based on a simple design. Planned activities may contribute to choice.

Largest Wireless Headphones

Full-sized circumaural or supra-aural headphones are larger and heavier and probably better suited to sitting and watching TV or listening quietly to music. This style would likely be better suited to larger users for extended wear.

When considering full-sized, if primarily use will be alone without others close by; open-backed ear cups may provide additional quality to the perceived audio. If others will be affected by the potential sound leak from open-backed ear cups, choosing closed-backed headphones would remedy that potential issue.

Smaller Wireless Headphones

For extremely mobile applications, for example, while working out or on the train commuting; canal phones may provide convenience and the freedom full-sized headphones would not. Smaller and elderly users may find in-ear headphones easier to use and more comfortable for longer wearing.

Sound Quality


If the intention is to listen to high fidelity recorded music for personal enjoyment, consider using IR frequency or one of the best Bluetooth headset models. The shorter transmission range provides less background interference and static.

Surround Sound

There is no question that audiophiles that demand the highest quality sound will need to select the best wireless headphones with 5.1 surround sound. Using multiple drivers in the ear cup to provide front, back and sub-woofer audio allows the untethered headphones to equal the sound quality of wired headphones. One headphone even provides a choice of room environment small, medium, or small arena.

Frequency Response

Another performance issue to review is the frequency response range that each model reproduces. Most offer ranges that are similar; from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. A few have an extended range that can increase audio perception, especially in the lower sub-bass range.

Battery Life

Most packages will come with rechargeable batteries. The average battery life fully charged is about ten hours. Several models have batteries that last much longer, up to 18-20 hours. If extended use is planned, this may be an important factor.

In general, all transmitters double as both headphone holders and battery chargers. This is extremely convenient. Not every unit provides this benefit.

Transmitter Range

The distance a signal will supply a headphone is dependent on several factors. The transmitter range is related to the frequency type and the model itself. Deciding how far you plan to travel with headphones is an important consideration.

IR frequency requires line of sight, Expect less than thirty feet and in one room, the signal will not go through walls. The same applies to Bluetooth except the distance is even less. Even the best Bluetooth headset needs to be within 20 feet or less.

RF transmitters can potentially broadcast 100 feet or more. In reality once more than 30-40 feet away from base produces background distortion and static, even the best wireless headphones. The amount depends on the model. The plus is that with RF the headphones can travel from room to room or outside.


What comes with the headphone package is important. Everything needed to get up and running should be included. This is one area in which most companies excel. Be sure batteries and a carrying case is included.

Support and Warrantee

Hopefully when making an investment in quality headphones or the best Bluetooth headset, needing support or a warranty won’t be necessary. It is good business to check beforehand and consider what is available. Specifically, look to see if the following are available:

  • Toll-free telephone support 24/7
  • On-line downloadable users handbook
  • On-line help forum, live chat and e-mail help
  • A one year warrantee covering all factory defects

Narrow Down the List

Now armed with some basic information about available options and an idea of what you want from the best wireless headset, create a shortlist. Do some research and see what others have tried and recommended or panned. Comparison shop and check prices. You will find the best wireless headphones to fit your needs.