Top 10 Best Blenders 2019 UK

If you want to make delicious drinks and delicious smoothies, then finding the best blender is a must. A good blender can help you save a lot of time when making a smoothie. There are some factors which can determine the quality of the blender.

For example, you must choose a blender that has enough power and an ice crushing capability. Since there are many types available out there, you may wonder how you can find the best one. Read our review here and find your favorite model!

Top 10 Best Blender 2019 UK

Take a good look at our list below and learn how you can find the best blender without breaking the bank.

1. Breville VBL062 Blend Active

This is an individual-sized blender that comes with some cool features. For example, it comes two-sport bottles which can give you breakfast drinks and nutrition drinks with a one-touch action.

One of the best features that we really like is that using the blender is very easy. With the use of the blend-active one-touch action, it means that you just need to pop the bottle, twist to lock, and then press the button.

What you get is a good blender that makes blending fast and simple. It is also easy to crush ice, thanks to its small, powerful chopper.

2. VonShef 4 in 1 Blender

If you are looking for a powerful blender that is versatile in the blending capability, then VonShef 4 in 1 Blender should be included on the list.

One of the best advantages of using this blender is that it is suitable for a wide range of recipes and ingredients. The unit comes with some accessories such as 1L smoothie maker jug, juicing attachment, grinding attachment, and 2500ML mugs.

To offer great performance, VonShef 4 in 1 Blender is equipped with 2 speed settings with pulse function and strong stainless blades. There is also a 2-year warranty offered by the manufacturer.

3. Tefal Blendforce BL305840

Tefal Blendforce BL305840 is one of the best blenders available on the market these days. It is not easy to find a powerful blender that fits our budget, but Tefal BL305840 seems to be a good choice.

This unit comes with two speeds and a pulse. What makes it better than other competitors in the same class is that it is versatile which means that you can use it at home or in the office.

There is also a secure lock system which is important when you are using the unit. Other features include removable stainless steel blades and the dishwasher-safe jug.

4. Russell Hobbs Blender 22241

For those looking for a blender that offers two speeds, one of the best options that can be considered is Russell Hobbs Blender 22241.

There are two speeds available which are very useful as you can use the blender to handle various food types. Performance is not an issue here as it comes with stainless steel blades. To help you maintain the blender, this unit is also equipped with detachable plastic blending leg for easy cleaning.

This is a good feature especially if you don’t have a lot of time to clean the blender. There is a 3-year warranty available when purchasing Russell Hobbs Blender 22241.

5. Breville VBL096 Blend-Active

Compared to other blenders that we have tested so far, we can say that Breville VBL096 Blender Active is one of the most powerful blenders that we have tried. In fact, it is equipped with a 300 watt motor which should be more than enough to handle various ingredients.

Thanks to its innovative design, it is designed for those who are on the go. With the use of durable and shatterproof bottles, this blender provides quick and simple blending.

Another feature is the availability of the one-touch operation which makes blending fast. Once you have purchased this blender, you can also receive recipes and measuring guides.

6. Russell Hobbs 3-in-1 Blender 18980

Russell Hobbs 18980 is a multifuntion device and it offers a delicious mix of function and form. In other words, it is a blender that combines whisking, mixing, and chopping in a choice of two speed settings.

It is not only versatile, but it also comes with a stylish design. This blender comes with the stylish black matt finish. There are some good accessories included thus you can make your favorite smoothies in a fun way.

Some of these accessories are 0.5L capacity breaker, additional whisk attachment, and 0.5L capacity chopping attachment. Having these accessories added can help you save a lot of time when making drinks and smoothies.

7. Breville Blend-Active Pro Blender

This is a perfect blender for school, gym, and work. This unit is very powerful as it can blend through various ingredients with ease.

The best part is that it is also suitable for crushing ice. While the blender is powerful, it seems that you can also expect some safety features added. For example, it comes with the easy clean dishwasher-safe blades with the cap.

To keep drink cooler for longer, Breville Pro Blender also comes with neoprene sleeve. In addition, the rubber bottle hand is also added for improved grip on the go.

8. Nutri Ninja 1500W Blender

While other blenders come with standard features, it seems that Nutri Ninja 1500W has some advanced features which make it better than other competitors.

One of these features is the use of the pro extractor blades which are designed to break down whole foods, ice, and seeds for vitamin and nutrient extraction. Another feature which can save you a lot of time is the availability of one-touch intelligent controls.

It is very easy to make your favorite drinks and smoothies with the Ninja’s total crushing technology. Last but not least, with the use of the impressive 2.1L, it should be more than enough to make smoothies and drinks for your friends and families.

9. Duronic BL3 /W Blend & Go Personal

Duronic BL3 /W Personal is a unique blender that is designed for homeowners who don’t have a lot of time when making drinks and smoothies. There is a push down operation which is designed to increase blending control.

This blender is also equipped with an efficient and powerful motor so that you can crush ice easily. When purchasing this blender, you can also receive two extra bottles for your kids. This unit is also available in different colors. Simply pick one that comes with your favorite color.

You are also allowed to choose a white or stainless steel base. It means that you can choose a model that fits with the design of your kitchen.

Savisto Hand Blender 3 in 1

10. Savisto Hand Blender 3 in 1

Savisto Hand Blender 3 in 1 is another powerful blender that you shouldn’t miss. It features a variable speed setting and turbo button which are very useful when dealing with tougher ingredients.

The design of the blender is compact and small, thus it doesn’t take a lot of space when the unit is not being used. While the motor is powerful, you can also ensure that it doesn’t produce a lot of noise.

There are also some attachments included. Some of these attachments are food processor, blender, and whisk. Overall, it is a powerful blender that works quietly.


Picking the right blender may take some time, but if you can find the best one, you won’t find any difficulties when making your favorite drinks and smoothies. Choose features that fit your requirements.

For example, if you need one that is small, then you can consider choosing Savisto Hand Blender 3 in 1. There are also other models that come with lots of accessories.

Keep in mind that there is no need to spend a lot of money when shopping for a good blender. No matter what your choice is, our list here can help you find the best blender.