AgriBatt ELB50 Heavy Duty Battery 12V 50Ah c100 Review

You are probably familiar with a leisure battery (a type of battery used for leisure activities, such as powering up the caravan or motorboat), but this is a fence battery that is claimed to deliver the needed power.

As the name suggests, the battery is designed (and dedicated) to power up the fence that can deliver extra protection and safety. As a battery to power up a fence, you certainly want to have a long-lasting device that can help you manage the security of your perimeter. The problem is, will this battery live up to the expectation?

About AgriBatt Heavy Duty Battery

This is a battery for a heavy-duty purpose, which means that you should be able to manage serious and tough businesses with it. With the combination of c100, 50 Ah, and 12V of power, you can expect the best from it.

The overall dimension is 175 x 175 x 210 mm, which makes it smaller and somewhat more compact when compared to the regular car battery. But just because it is smaller, it doesn’t mean that you can underestimate its power and capability. This is quite a powerful device that can help you with the fences.

AgriBatt ELB50 Heavy Duty Features

· Good value. Many of the users claim that the battery is running well and it is able to last for, surprisingly, quite a long time. The combination of good construction, reliable power, and impressive performance is just some of the things to love about this battery.

· Smaller (and lighter) design. As it was mentioned before, the battery is relatively smaller than the car battery, which makes it smaller and lighter. The battery itself comes with a thin plastic handle, which doesn’t seem promising or good. However, the performance of the battery itself is quite excellent.

· Satisfying charging time. You can charge it one time and expect it to last for weeks. Yes, one charging cycle would be enough to give you the required power for your activities.

· Flexible operation. Feel free to use this battery for any purpose that you want. Although it is designed as a fence battery, you can actually use it for activities that require electric power – including a leisure battery. Some users have used it to power up the fences, so they can create electric fences for privacy and protection. And the battery is proven to work well – able to last for weeks without charging. If you are planning on a road trip and you need a solid power source for your caravan or motorhome, this can be your new best friend.

· Similar power and ability. In comparison to other brands that are more popular and more expensive, this battery is able to deliver the same powerful outcome. You can expect it to run great and last long – and you don’t need to spend tons of money either!

Final Words

There are many fence batteries out there, but each one of them has its own power and downside. If you are going to choose a fence battery, at least make sure that it has all the important features and benefits that can seriously help you.