The name leisure battery shouldn’t sound strange for people who own a motorhome or those who fancy caravan holidays. But for those who haven’t encountered leisure battery yet, soon you will, and so the need for you to really know what it is.

Leisure batteries are also known as Deep Cycle Batteries or Marine Batteries, it has the ability to be deeply discharged and charged many times during their service life. These batteries are specifically designed for powering a wide variety of electrical equipment for long periods of time.

The basic makeup of a leisure battery is similar to that of a car battery (standard auto battery or starting battery).  Both car batteries and leisure batteries are lead-acid batteries that use exactly the same chemistry for their operation. The difference is the way the batteries are designed to work.

Car batteries are designed to deliver a very high current for a short period. This surge of current is needed to start the car but once the engine is running the alternator provides all the power the car needs. This means that a car battery may never use more than 20 per cent of its total capacity lasting a number of years. In order to achieve a high current to start the engine, a car battery uses thin plates to increase the surface area.

Leisure batteries, on the other hand, are specifically designed to provide a moderate supply of current over an extended period. Although a leisure battery can deliver a surge when needed it is not nearly as powerful as a car battery. A leisure battery is instead designed to be run down (discharged) over and over. In order to do this, a leisure battery has been equipped with thicker active battery plates and also combined with thicker separators between the plates. This will reduce the loss of active material during discharge as well as recharging cycles and allow them to be discharged to a greater degree.

So what are the Best Leisure Battery 2022 in the UK

In case you are looking for a high-quality leisure battery for motorhome, campervan or caravans, below we present a review of the 20 best leisure batteries in the UK that you can consider.

1. Yuasa Leisure L36100 Battery

This Yuasa leisure battery is very functional for your daily electric needs, especially when you are on the go. It is beneficial when you are going camping and you need a reliable source for your electric appliances and stuff. The features that can be found from this battery include:

  • Long-lasting battery power. Once recharged, the battery is able to provide all the required power for as long as you need it.
  • The convenient size. The battery comes in just the right size, which is not too big or not too small. The design has been carefully laid out so the motorhome should be able to accommodate the size.
  • Convenient watt-hours. It is able to power your equipment for many hours without compromising the performance and quality.
  • Impressive capacity. It’s related to the power (of the battery) to run the equipment. Basically, the higher the Ah rating, the longer it can run the equipment.


2. SuperBatt LM110 Motorhome Leisure Battery

As one of the best leisure batteries on the market, this battery is built to last. This is the perfect battery for marine activities – not only from the performance but also from the sturdiness and the fact that it can deal with the wet (and damp) environment. The features to like are:

  • Sturdy construction. Because the battery has been created for outdoor usages (especially for boats and caravans), the overall design comes as a solid frame and structure.
  • Dual-purpose construction. The battery is created as a dual-purpose battery that is perfect for marine setting as well as leisure activities.
  • Impressive power. With 110Ah, 800A, and 12V of power, the battery should be enough to power up all of your electric equipment while you are on the go
  • Heavy-duty use. Because of the solid construction and impressive power, this is the type of battery that is perfect for heavy-duty operation


3. Yuasa L36EFB Leisure Battery

This is another type of leisure battery that is perfect for your outdoor activities. Whether you go camping or even boating, this battery will give you impressive quality and performance. No need to worry that your electric equipment won’t get the needed power. The features you will enjoy are:

  • Convenient and simple size. The battery may not be overly big or wide, but it comes in a convenient size. It should be enough to be fitted in any caravan or motorhome comfortably without you having to struggle with the placement.
  • Convenient cyclic life. It’s related to how many times your battery is able to recharge and then recharged fully. Higher cyclic life means that the battery has more work to do.
  • Reliable performance. The battery has a high Ah capacity that will ensure long-lasting operation. Once you charge it, you won’t have to charge it again soon.
  • Better safety mechanism. It includes an (integrated) flame arrestor that will prevent ignition sources from getting into the battery


4. Autolite Motorhome Leisure Battery

This Autolite battery has convenient construction and a solid frame that makes operation easy and simple. If you spend most of your times doing outdoor activities, then this battery can be your new best friend. No wonder if it is considered one of the best leisure battery ever designed. The features included are:

  • Impressive power capacity. With 12V and 130 Ah of power, you can rest assured that the battery will run for as long as you want, and power up all the electrical appliances.
  • Convenient dimension. With 303mm x 172mm x 225mm of total dimension, the battery is somewhat compact enough for effective running.
  • Impressive safety feature. It has a double-sealed lid for an integrated carry handle. The flame arrestor (with Advance Calcium technology) is also convenient to make sure that you can use it safely.
  • Flexible operation and use. Since it is designed for marine usage and leisure activities, the battery has an impressive heavy-duty outcome.


5. SuperBatt Motorhome Caravan Battery

Many people have stated that this battery has impressive performance and promising quality, and they are pretty satisfied with it. There are many promising features to like about this SuperBatt’s leisure battery, including:

  • Impressive quality and power. The amperage and volt contents are high and impressive enough, guaranteed to deliver satisfying and long-lasting performance.
  • Sturdy and solid construction. The solid framework and robust design have a convenient handle. You won’t have to worry that it will break or be damaged along the way.
  • Long-lasting power. The battery can accommodate a lot of electric power even with such a short charge. And the result can last for long performance and quality of time. Expect the battery to power up some of the electrical appliances for many hours to come. Many have stated that the battery can power up many appliances for a longer time than expected.
  • Safe operation. Even when the battery is in storage, the power won’t be ‘lost’ along the way.


6. SuperBatt 12V 100AH LM100 Caravan

If you like spending time outdoor, this would be the best battery to choose. Whether you are operating a caravan or you are using a motorhome, this battery can help you. It is a reliable power source that can light up your electric appliances without any interference or obstruction. The features of this battery are:

  • Robust design and solid construction. The battery has a robust design that will ensure long-lasting operation. You won’t need to worry that your battery will break or damage while in use because it isn’t made from any flimsy design.
  • Impressive power quality. The power arrangement and power output are impressive. It has more than enough juice that can keep your electrical appliances running for many hours to come. You won’t have to worry that you will be dealing with complicated operations either.
  • Long-lasting quality. Many users have stated that the battery has impressive performance and quality output. Many have compared this one with other expensive devices, but similar impressive quality.


7. SuperBatt 12V 85AH CB22MF Caravan Battery

This leisure battery has promising performance and impressive power. With 550 CCA, 85 Ah capacity, and 12V of power, you can spend your time outdoor (going camping, going on a road trip, etc) without having to worry that you will run out of electricity. Other great features to expect from this battery are:

  • Convenient dimension and size. With 175 mm x 220 mm x 261 mm of dimension, the battery isn’t too big or too small. It has a nice design that makes it easy for easy fit or placement in any caravan or motorhome.
  • Dual-purpose design. It means that the battery is created for marine activities as well as leisure fun elements. It offers flexible operation and uses because you can enjoy easier operation and use.
  • Robust design and solid frame. Since it is designed for rough terrain and conditions, you can expect it to last and be sturdy against different kinds of difficult situations and usage.


8. Deep Cycle 12V 75AH SuperBatt LM75

The battery is designed not only to help but also for long-lasting performance. This is a battery that is constructed for different outdoor settings, especially for marine activities and outdoor rough terrains (such as camping grounds). The features that you will love from this machine are:

  • Easy care and maintenance. The battery comes with Advance Calcium technology. It is handy for promoting easy maintenance (in fact, it is maintenance-free!) and simple care.
  • Longer life span when compared to conventional and regular batteries. Expect this battery to last longer than the regular marine and leisure batteries.
  • Premium performance and quality output. Unlike other premium batteries that are more expensive to purchase, this one is able to deliver the same premium quality without costing you a fortune
  • Flexible operation. Whether you are going on a boating journey or you are on a camping trip, rest assured that the battery will provide all the supplies you need without compromising the overall performance.


9. Autolite Ultra Cycle Leisure Battery

If you are looking for a powerful battery that can help you enjoy your outdoor adventure, then you should go with this battery. It is designed to deal with rough terrain and difficult condition. It is a tough battery with promising features, such as:

  • Convenient dimension. With an overall dimension of 242mm x 175mm x 190mm, and this already includes posts or terminals
  • Impressive power and output. With 75 Ah and C100 (and also 12V), such a power arrangement is considered convenient enough to power up electric appliances. With this battery, you should be able to enjoy a comfortable trip – with all of your electric appliances still running.
  • Safe construction. The battery comes with a double lid and leads sealed acid battery to ensure safe operation and maintenance-free.
  • Nice design and comfortable construction. With a flame arrestor and integrated (carrying) handle, you should be able to carry it around without hassle or drama.


10. Numax Battery 86Ah-XV24MF

If you are looking for another convenient battery to power up your electrical appliances while on the go, why not consider this one? As a high-quality leisure battery on the market, not only you can enjoy a powerful outcome, but you can also have everything comfortable while you are spending your time outdoor. Moreover, there are some features that you can enjoy with this device:

  • Good power output. With the combination of 80 Ah (C20) and 12V of power, the battery can produce quite impressive performance.
  • Nice design with convenient weight. The total dimension of 172mm x 220mm x 257mm is just enough – not too big or not too small. The weight is also nice. You won’t have any problem carrying it around when you need to.
  • Dual-purpose construction. To boost versatility and functionality, this battery is designed as a dual-purpose device. It means that the battery is designed for both marine and also leisure purposes. Whether you want to go on a boating trip or a road trip with your caravan, rest assured that this battery will help you.


11. TravelBatt Leisure Battery TB25MF

If you are looking for a convenient way to have a pleasant trip and a comfortable ride without losing power for all of your electric appliances, then you need to find the right device. And this battery from TravelBatt will make sure that you enjoy all of your travel conveniently. There are some promising features to like from this device, including:

  • Impressive power. The combination of 1000 MCA, 110 Ah, and 12V of power will deliver nice output for all of your electric appliances. And expect your appliances to run for a long time without any obstruction or hassle.
  • Compact dimension. The dimension is quite compact and convenient to carry around. With a total dimension of 190mm x 175mm x 354mm, the battery is pretty compact without compromising performance and quality. With a height of 190mm (including terminals), you should have no problem placing the battery.
  • Solid heavy-duty construction. The battery is designed for long-lasting use, which makes the construction super solid and sturdy.


12. Numax Battery 75Ah-LV22MF

When we are on a trip, we often have to sacrifice convenience over electric appliances. Whether you go on a camping trip or even on a road trip (with a motorhome or caravan), you won’t be able to enjoy all the regular convenience because your access to the appliances would be limited. But you won’t have to experience such a thing anymore if you have this best leisure battery on your side. The features you can enjoy are:

  • Completely safe features. The battery isn’t only constructed for functional use, but also for safe operation. That’s why there are several safety protections designed and built into the battery
  • Convenient power and impressive output. The power has a nice combo of 75 Ah (C20) and 12V of voltage that can deliver good performance and output, where you can always enjoy electric appliances during your trip.
  • The right size and convenient weight. With the combination of 220mm x 175mm x 261mm, you won’t have any issue carrying it around or placing it in any place that you like.


13. Banner 95751 Backfire Protected Battery

There are many leisure batteries out there, but not all of them are constructed in a very good frame. However, this one would be different. It has very good construction and a solid frame. There are several great features about this battery, such as:

  • The outer case is solid and well-constructed. Many people claim that the battery is quite solid and heavy, suggesting that the inside plates are also solid and well-made.
  • The right dimension and height. The dimension feels just right – not too big and yet not too small either. The height is quite low, only around 190mm, which is just convenient for under-the-seat placement.
  • Good safety feature. The battery has a solid feature, including protection against backfire and spill. It ensures safe operation while you are using the battery.
  • Solid construction and sturdy frame. Because the battery is designed as a heavy-duty device, expect the construction to be solid and tough.


14. AgriBatt ELB50 Electric Heavy Battery

The battery is convenient for travelling – it is even convenient for carrying around. When you use your caravan or motorhome for a road trip, simply use this battery to provide the ‘juice’ for your electric appliances. The favourable features are:

  • Compact size. In terms of size and dimension, this battery is small. The compact size is super convenient and nice to carry around.
  • Comfortable weight. Many of the users claim that they enjoy the comfy weight. It’s so easy to take the battery around without having to experience any excess weight.
  • Impressive performance and quality. The battery is claimed to be long-lasting. With a slight recharge, you can expect the battery to run for quite a while. Many have claimed that they are pretty satisfied with the excellent performance.
  • Nice and compact dimension. With 175mm x 175mm x 210mm of total dimension, the battery is convenient to use. It is easy to place and the weight is quite convenient.


15. SuperBatt 12V 120AH Campervan Motorhome Battery

When you are planning a trip, especially on a road trip, you will have to sacrifice all of your convenience while using electric appliances. But with this best leisure battery, you won’t have to sacrifice anything. The features you will love from this battery are:

  • Nice (power) supply and output. The battery has a nice combination of 800A CCA, 120 Ah, and 12V that provides good power for all of your appliances.
  • Good design and dimension. With a total dimension of 242mm x 172mm x 330mm (including dual terminals), the battery is nice (and easy) to place and also carry around.
  • Decent warranty. With 2 years of warranty, the battery has good coverage.
  • Solid safety features. As a device that is constructed to be completely safe to use, this battery has all the needed features. You won’t have to worry that you will be injured or exposed to danger when you use the battery.


16. Powerline 678 Caravan Battery

As one of the best leisure batteries, this product is designed to be comfortable (as well as easy) to use. If you like to go to the outdoor environment and enjoy an adventurous journey, this one would be the best companion. As a leisure battery, there are many features to love, such as:

  • Convenient power. With 55 Ah and 120V of power, the battery should be enough to power all of your electric appliances.
  • Comfortable usage. With this battery, you won’t have to sacrifice the comfort of having all of your electric appliances, even when you are travelling around.
  • Good warranty. Powerline has offered better service for this one when compared to the previous one. In the past, Powerline batteries only had 3 years of warranty. But for this one, they offer 4 years – which is longer in terms of period and year.
  • Versatile and convenient use. This is a battery built to last, especially for camping applications and caravans. If you go on a boating trip, you can also use this battery. After all, it is designed as a wet battery, which would be perfect for a marine setting.


17. Numax CXV35MF Sealed Battery 1100MCA

Leisure batteries are designed for comfortable use when you are travelling. With the combined safety features and powerful outcomes, you will love the battery quite easily. Other things to love about it are:

  • Dual-purpose device. The device is built as a versatile battery that can be used for either leisure or marine usage. It gives you greater flexibility whenever you are travelling.
  • Good warranty. The battery offers a nice warranty, up to 3 years. It proves the good quality of the battery for regular use.
  • Good safety features. The sealed battery promotes free maintenance and fuss-free application. The safety protection will also ‘protect’ you from any harm or danger.


18. Exide Leisure Battery

This battery can be your new best friend when you are on the road. When you are travelling with a motorhome or a caravan, this would be your ‘friend’ to power up your electric appliances. The likeable features from this battery are:

  • Compact design and weight. With the combination of 235mm x 175mm x 349mm, the battery is considered convenient enough to deliver impressive output.
  • Good safety features. You won’t have to worry about your own safety when using this battery. And you won’t have to worry about care or maintenance either – because you are free from them!
  • Voltage: 12V / Capacity: 115Ah C20 / Cold Cranking Amps: 760 EN


19. SuperBatt 12V 120AH DT120

Looking for a reliable battery that can accompany you during your road trip? Then this leisure battery should be able to help you. The features to love from this battery are:

  • Good construction and packing. Many users claim that the packing is super impressive and nice. The battery itself has solid construction and an impressive frame. The combination of natural construction and nice packing is one of the reasons why this battery is liked by many people.
  • Nice power output. With the combination of 800A, 120 Ah, and 12V the battery is able to deliver good performance and smooth outcome.
  • Easy and hassle-free performance. The battery is designed to be maintenance and carefree, so you won’t have to worry about anything.


20. Platinum LB6110L Motorhome

The battery is designed as a wet type, which means that you can use it for any setting that you want. Whether you are going on a camping trip or you want to have a boating trip, the battery would not disappoint you. Some of the likeable features of the battery are:

  • Good performance. It is designed as a high-performance device that will deliver a satisfying outcome.
  • Safe protection and features. The battery comes with secured and sealed construction, which will protect you from any harm when you use it.
  • Nice warranty. With 3 years of warranty, you can be sure that the battery won’t disappoint you.
  • Solid cyclic ability. When compared to regular or ‘normal’ leisure batteries, this one has impressive ability – generally stronger incapacity. With the combination of those features, no wonder if this device is considered as one of the best leisure batteries on the market.


So, What is a Good Leisure Battery?

Well, in simple terms, a leisure battery is the power source of the 12-voltage machines and equipment, mainly in the caravan or a motorhome. Being that essential when needed, those batteries are tactfully designed to give a steady supply of power over your prolonged span of time. The power can be used for lighting, television, heating kettle, and other smaller appliances anyone may need when on the road or holidaying somewhere in the wilderness. Leisure batteries will turn a caravan and motorhome into a sleek, comfortable, habitable accommodation rather than just a vehicle that can move you from point A to point B. With that said, when going for a leisure battery, what do you really need to look at? Let’s look at our leisure battery buying guide.

All You Have to Know About Leisure Battery

If you harbour intentions of purchasing a brand-new caravan, have in mind that leisure batteries are generally not supplied with new builds, so you have to equip yourself with enough knowledge on what to look at when going for one. It is also important to note that leisure batteries, as well as car batteries, are different power sources; it would be treasonous to try and compare the two in terms of service delivery. When left with no option, it is possible to use a leisure battery like your car battery and a car battery as a leisure battery. Still, it is only advisable to do that in case of an emergency because of the different ways in which both batteries produce energy.

Choosing a leisure battery, either for a motorhome or a caravan, can be a painstaking experience, and that’s precisely why you will need a leisure battery buying guide. The fact is, there is a wide variety to choose from, but that doesn’t mean each brand will suit your desires or needs. Like anything else in life, all choices have consequences, but we are here to ensure you have no bad experiences with your leisure battery.

In the market today, there are 4 types of leisure batteries that are commonly used. These include wet lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, Absorbed Glass Mat(AGM), and Enhanced Flood Battery. Each of those, as expected, have their upside and downside.

Well, as much as it sounds like a broken record, it is always advisable to choose a battery of the correct specification and technology to meet your desired needs. If you put your hands in a faulty leisure battery, that would automatically result in short service life. There are five crucial factors to consider before settling for your leisure battery-

The Battery Size

The size of a leisure battery will be limited by the available room that is physically present in your caravan or motorhome. Ensure you go for a battery that will fit the motorhome’s locker or tray. It is also essential to note that the size of your leisure battery in one way or the other affects its performance. The more appliances you need working, and the more power-hungry your machines are, the bigger your leisure battery will need to be.


Just like the name, this refers to the amount of power your leisure battery can supply when fully charged. It should and must always be one of the top considerations. You can always calculate your requirements by determining the consumption of the accessories your leisure batteries will power and how long your appliances are usually in use.

For example, five light bulbs marked 20 watts serving for 4 hours will consume -5x20x4 (400 watts). You can also power on a television set rated 80 watts for about 5 hours; that would be 80×5 (400 watts). You can calculate more of your appliance’s consumption, get a figure of the total watt-hour consumption. From that, it is easy to know how long, when fully charged using the best leisure battery chargers, your leisure battery can power your life and all the toys around you. Be guided that using motor mover equipment will consume large amounts of power over a very short time.


This is the amount of power the battery has to effectively run your appliances. The higher our leisure battery’s Ah rating, the longer it will operate your appliances. So, depending on the number of things you may need to be powered, take note of the capacity; it would be wise to settle for a higher Ah rating leisure battery.

Cyclic Life

Cyclic life is the number of times your leisure battery can be discharged to 50% then fully recharged. So, technically, the higher the cyclic life, the more work the battery can attend to during its service life.


It has been scientifically proven that when the colder the temp, the lesser the functionality of our leisure battery will be. The amp-hour rating is usually stated dependent on a temp of 25 degrees Celsius, with every lower degree it will cause a 2% fall in performance. So, take note of your surrounding temperature and weather patterns before hitting the shelf to grab your leisure battery.

Batteries for Leisure Activities are very important as they are often the only available source of power when you are out and about in your caravan, motorhome or at sea. It is therefore very important that you choose the right battery to meet your requirements.

The key factors in selecting the correct battery are how regularly you use it and what you are using it to power. Your choice may be limited due to the size of the battery tray or compartment in your vehicle. Leisure batteries are designed to provide a constant electrical supply to the appliance(s) being powered.

When are Leisure Batteries used?

Leisure batteries are used to power a number of things. Most commonly, leisure batteries can be found in:

  • Boats
  • Forklifts
  • Motorised wheelchairs
  • Off-grid energy storage systems for solar and wind systems
  • Caravans
  • Traffic signals
  • Audio equipment
  • Golf carts
  • Electric vehicles

There are three types of leisure batteries available from Great Outdoors Online:

Flooded Deep Cycle – these are at the budget end of the range and are available in 75ah and 100ah. These batteries require maintenance.

Maintenance Free Deep Cycle – available in 75ah and 105ah. These batteries are sealed and require no maintenance.

AGM Deep Cycle – these are the Rolls Royce of leisure batteries. Whilst around twice the price, these batteries will last up to three times longer than flooded or flooded maintenance-free types. They are totally sealed, will not leak, and can be positioned at any angle. They are available in 85ah, 110ah, and 140ah.

How to choose your Battery

Safety and Operating Environment

The majority are of the lead-acid type, variations in construction include flooded and VRLA versions.

A flooded lead-acid battery requires inspection of the electrolyte level on a regular basis and topping up with distilled water as appropriate. Inverting a flooded battery can spill electrolyte resulting in damage to fabrics and injury from chemical burns. Ammonia neutralizes spilt electrolytes. Baking soda also works.

VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries are more commonly known as sealed and require no topping up. They also ventless gas and are more suited for use in enclosed spaces. There is no danger of electrolyte spillage if inverted. In most VRLA versions the electrolyte is held in a glass fibre mat, a further variant combines the electrolyte with micro silica to form a gel. These types of construction are known as Gel Cells.
Gell Cells are recognized as providing improved resistance to shock, high temperatures and vibration.

From a safety perspective, a sealed battery is better in a mobile environment, and for boating applications, a Gell Cell may be the best choice to withstand the harsher environment.

You should also ensure that your battery has two sturdy carrying handles.

Power Capacity

Most versions have an output voltage of 12V and come in a range of capacities (and proportional prices). Capacity is measured in Amp-hours, from 70Ah up to 135Ah.  In theory, a 70Ah unit will power an electrical appliance drawing 1 Amp for 70 hours. In practice, this is definitely not the case.

Firstly, as the unit ages, you can discount the rated capacity by around 20%. Secondly, to preserve longevity, you should only discharge the battery to around 50% of its capacity. So after your 70Ah battery has been through a few discharge charge cycles you can estimate that the amount of power that you have available to you will be in the region of 28Ah (70 x 0.8 x 0.5).

The Power Capacity that you need is determined by what the intended use is. This also requires an understanding of the power consumption in Watts of the individual electrical appliances that you are powering.

For example.

  • Clock radio = 10W
  • Laptop = 50W
  • Stereo Radio = 70W
  • 19″ Color Television = 65W
  • 15 SMD LED Striplight = 4W
  • LED Floodlight = 12W

To calculate the power consumption in Amps for a particular appliance, divide the Power Consumption by the nominal voltage (12V). So the current drawn by the  LED Floodlight above would be 1 Amp. The laptop would draw just over 4 Amps.

Then work out how long each device will be used for. In our example above assuming we used the laptop for 1 hour per day, the strip light was on for 4 hours per day and we watched T.V. for 2 hours per day then our total consumption per day in Ah would be a laptop (4A x 1hour) + striplight (1/3A x 4 hours) + T.V. (5.4A x 2hours) = 4Ah + 1.3Ah + 10.8Ah = 16.1Ah. With our 70Ah rated battery, we might just get away with 2 days of usage before having to recharge.


Charge Discharge Cycling

Although it is possible to discharge the battery to around 20% of its capacity, it is recommended that it should be discharged to no less than 50% of its capacity before being recharged. This will maximize life, and around 100- 200 charging cycles can be expected, depending on the manufacturer.

The existing state of charge can be measured by using a Voltmeter across the terminals, with no load connected (open circuit):

  • Fully Charged = 12.7V
  • Three Quarters Charged= 12.5V
  • Half Charged = 12.4V
  • Quarter Charged = 12.2V
  • Fully Discharged = 11.7V

When fully discharged, and with the load connected a terminal voltage of around would be expected 10.5V

Leisure batteries should never be allowed to become fully discharged; permanent damage can result. If left in a discharged state for any length of time Sulphation can occur. This is a result of an internal chemical reaction and displays as a whitish-grey coating (lead sulphate) on the battery plates preventing normal battery operation. Excessive Sulphation is almost always irreversible and requires the battery to be replaced.


Rate of Charging

When charging, the charge initially builds up just at the interface between the electrolyte and the battery plates. This is called the interface charge. The amount of current flowing into the battery from the charger must be matched to the ability of the battery to disperse the charge throughout the electrolyte. If charged too quickly the voltage at the interface will quickly rise to meet the output voltage of the charger. This will result in a significantly reduced current flow and only a partially charged battery.

Charging Voltage

Too high a charging voltage will also have a detrimental effect. This can result in boiling and venting of the electrolyte and a reduced capacity. Most lead-acid batteries comprise 6 charging cells, Flooded variants require around 2.4 -2.45 V per cell and Gell Cell variants require 2.35 V per cell with a maximum of 2.4V per cell.

Leisure/Deep Cycle Battery Charger

Conventional trickle chargers are unsuitable for charging leisure batteries. The battery in your car rarely gets discharged to any degree, so a trickle charge at a more or less fixed voltage is sufficient to maintain it at a high capacity. Charging a leisure battery is slightly more complex since the degree of discharge is usually much greater.

A Deep Cycle/Leisure Battery Charger will initially determine the degree of discharge by monitoring the charging current. The amount of current from the charger is adjusted to avoid problems associated with the rate of charging and the charging voltage mentioned above. This is called the bulk mode in the charging process. When the battery is ready, the charger will change to the absorption mode for most of the remainder of the cycle. The charger may then move into an equalization mode and will finally drop into float mode when the battery is fully charged. Fully charging a Leisure Battery will take around 8 – 12 hours depending on the discharge level and rated capacity. You can find more detail on your Deep Cycle Battery Charger here.

Some chargers have also been designed to reverse Sulphation. They do this by applying pulses of high current to the battery, breaking down the sulphate crystals on the battery plates. But bear in mind that the unit will be unrecoverable if the plates have already lost the active material.


So, basically, those are some of the most crucial points to note when going through our leisure battery buying guide. A good number of motorhome and caravan owners are under the misconception that our leisure battery is more or less a fit and forget product, but in reality, that is far from the truth.

When leisure battery is not adequately maintained when not used for long, its condition will definitely deteriorate and may soon require replacement. The battery will have failed in such a scenario, not because of any manufacturing or material defect but due to lack of proper care and maintenance.

So, there it is, a short buying guide if you want to buy a leisure battery. That should be enough to sort you during an occasional weekend caravan, boating, motorhome holidays, or if you have to power a motor-mover or a large assortment of appliances.  Ensure you make the right choices before settling a  leisure battery.