Not many workmen are aware that the lists of the best painters trousers can actually help them improve their performance and efficiency in doing their job. Also known as the decorators trousers, these trousers are the modern take on the bib and brace working overall, a type of clothing worn by handymen in the past. Sure, a lot of workers are still wearing the bib and brace overall today, but others a modern form of professional attire that can help them work.

It’s a good thing that there are several reliable and good painters trousers on the market as can be seen below. Feel free to check each of their specifications and strength before making a decision on which one to buy.

10 Best Painters Trousers UK 2022

1. ProDec Multi Pockets Advance Trousers

The ProDec trousers are coming with superb quality and many helpful features that make it ideal for busy workmen. The useful features include:

· Hardwearing material. The combination of polyester and cotton makes the trousers both comfortable and tough for rough industrial work. You can wear it without having to worry about your own comfort, and yet, the trousers can take all kinds of beating and roughness along the way

· Wipe Mate. This is a unique and detachable patch that you can use to wipe your hands. It promotes easier and faster cleaning of the hands

· Elastic waist. It is quite helpful during the fitting. Plus, the elastic nature helps you to move around freely.

· Many pockets. The trousers have quite a lot of pockets and they are placed in the right spots for easy reach and straightforward access.

2. ProDec Cotton Drill White Trousers

You may have never thought that the trousers are actually painters trousers if you don’t know. It looks simple with many handy extras, such as:

· Convenient material. The trousers are made from (absorbent) cotton drill material that isn’t only comfortable, but also tough. It has been made in a pre-shrunk manner so the trousers won’t change in size (or model) even after you have washed it

· Elastic waist. It definitely adds extra comfort. Not to mention that you can always wear the trousers easily from the first attempt

· Quilted knee. Your trousers won’t be easily busted or damaged just because you spend most of your time on the knees. The quilted knee area also comes with pockets, in case you want to add the knee pads for added comfort

· Various pockets. Like other regular trousers, this one also comes with many pockets for tool storage

3. Portwest Regular Pants

If you want a modern pair of trousers without too many ornaments or decorations, this one would be perfect for you. It’s simple; looks like your regular pants, but it does have some extra features:

· The cutting and style are quite stylish. It looks modern without overdoing the style or design

· The material is pretty tough and sturdy. It’s made of cotton for extra comfort, and the non-shrinking fabric will ensure that your trousers will stay in a good shape for many years to come

· Handy pockets. You can find many pockets in various areas of the knee, back, hip, side, and front. Not to mention that they have a bar and hook closure for extra security.

4. Portwest KS54WHRM Craft Trousers

This trousers from Portwest basically has it all. It has good looks, top-end functionalities, and impressive extra features. If you are into a slim design, this is the right one for you!

· Oxford contrast. Not only does it offer contrast visually, but it also strengthens the trousers. It has a nice abrasion resistance that won’t compromise the appearance

· Elastic waist. It is great for extra comfort and easy fit. When you have to move around quite often, it helps you with mobility.

· Storage pockets. There are around 10 pockets, which should be enough to accommodate your tools and also your mobile phone

· Extra loop. Need to hang some of your tools? No need to worry; this trousers definitely has one.

· Comfortable material. No need to worry about irritation or possible skin issues.

5. Atomic Large Painters Trousers

This brand offers regular-looking working trousers with only a tad bit of accent on the knee. It’s meant to boost extra support as well as provide contrasting visual effects for the trousers. Other helpful features you will find in the trousers are:

· Stylish design. It comes as a cargo trouser, which improves its appeal and also comfort. Many people have stated that the cargo design is super comfy and convenient

· Sturdy but comfortable material. Thanks to the polycotton fabric, the trousers are comfortable without sacrificing function and performance.

· Elastic waist. It adds extra comfort while securing the trousers around your waist in the most comfortable manner.

· Many pockets. These pockets are super handy for storage and an effective handle. They are also easily accessed, which can boost your working efficiency.

· Reinforced seams. It would add extra strength as well as durability.

6. New PORTWEST S817 Mens Work Painters

The trouser is simple and quite basic, which would be appealing for those who want to have a simple design without too much fuss or too many decorations. It doesn’t look extravagant and yet it is still highly chic. Other features that you will love from this trousers is:

· Elastic back. The trousers have an elastic back for extra support and also comfort

· Simple design. It promotes no-nonsense style and design that will make you look good even when you are at work.

· Many pockets. There are many pockets (located in different areas) to accommodate tools and items, including mobile phones. The product has the so-called rule pockets, hip pockets, sides, knee pockets, and others.

7. BLÅKLÄDER Painter Trousers with Stretch

The trousers have somewhat a catchy and ‘futuristic’ design. It would be perfect for those who want to deliver professional flair or those who want to look stylish at work. Moreover, the trousers have many supporting features, like:

· Comfortable material. With the combination of 40% polyester and 60% cotton, the trousers are super comfortable without sacrificing performance

· Tough trousers. Despite the catchy and stylish appearance, the trousers are pretty durable and tough with fine Swedish design, reinforced seam, and various size options.

· Useful pockets. These pockets aren’t only able to accommodate their tools, but they also come with reinforced Cordura stretch.

· Stretchy nature. The trousers have stretch panels located on the calf and crotch to support comfortable use

8. StrongAnt – Painters and Decorators Work Trousers

The trousers have a unique appearance and style with blue trim accents. Some features you will love are:

· Handy pockets. These pockets are scattered all over the trousers and they will help you access the tools quite conveniently. Most of them have flaps for extra protection and security.

· YKK zipper. This is a quality zipper that will withstand daily beating and abuse

· Easy wash. You can always wash the trousers easily without having to go to the laundry.

· Comfortable material. Made from 100% cotton, which means that you won’t have to worry about any comfort.

· Elastic waist. It is for extra comfort and an easy fit.

9. Portwest Painters Trousers s817

The trousers have an appealing appearance with just the right accents to make them stylish without overdoing it. The comfortable fit and the extra features help make this trousers useful and handy.

· The material is comfortable with the combination of 35% polyester and 65% cotton. You can wear the trousers conveniently without having to worry that you may damage or break it

· It comes with the latest innovative design and this modern painter’s trouser has a layered thigh pocket 

· It supports easy cleaning with a washing machine, so you won’t have to spend extra on the laundry

· The trousers have a lot of pockets that will make storage easy, especially for the tools

· Made of 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton

10. Lux&J Men Work Trousers Pants Painters

The trousers are pretty basic, but they have several different coloured accents for attractive visual effects. The features include:

· It is comfortable. It is made from 100% cotton for super comfortable wear

· It has many functional pockets, which are handy for storage and tool access

· The trousers are somewhat stretchy, so it’s not tight or uncomfortable

· The trousers come in different sizes, so everyone should be able to wear the trousers comfortably

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Painter Trousers Buying Guide

These Painters trousers aren’t just trousers; they are designed to assist and help. The basic function of the bib and brace overall was to protect the clothes from spills, stains, and splashes, but later, it has evolved to cover various aspects. If you want fashion, there are several trousers that look perfectly good and stylish. You can’t even tell that they are actually painter’s trousers! These trousers can also create a professional touch. Imagine seeing workers doing the painting, wall decorating, and stuff and they look uniform in appearance – and without compromising their performance at all. That’s impressive.

Another great function of the trousers is to help you with your tools. Today’s modern trousers are packed with handy features, such as loops and pockets. These items can accommodate your needs well. You can carry your tools with you, even your mobile phone while working. Imagine the increased efficiency you can enjoy while wearing these trousers.

When you want to decide on a good pair of painters trousers, be sure to check some of these elements:

· Material

It’s not about comfort only, but it’s also about durability and resistance. There are many good trousers that aren’t only super comfy when worn, but they are also long-lasting. They are durable, they are able to withstand any kind of condition, and they are very nice to wear. For painters, you want something durable, strong, and a bit stretchy – without having much pressure on the knees, hips, and waists. You can always go with canvas or cotton duck. It has smooth sides that will prevent sticking up to objects. It is also strong, able to hold up the wind. This is crucial when you have to work outdoors. Denim is also another possible option although it may not be as tough as the canvas. But it’s comfortable and it’s stylish; perfect for areas with cooler weather or climate.

· Fitting

These trousers are coming in various fitting types, including classic, relaxed, and slim. The classic is the regular trousers cut that won’t ‘hug’ your body too tightly. It’s different from the slim, which is stricter. The slim will look great on the right person, but it’s not for everyone. The relaxed type is a bit loose, offering more freedom in the movement. However, it won’t compliment your body figure.

· Pockets

Some trousers have just enough pockets while others have tons of pockets. These pockets are for storage, so you can take your tools conveniently without having to make a back and forth trip. Imagine the hassle of having to do it! So, you want to consider the right kind of pocket that suits your needs, and how many you need them. Think about accessibility and reach. There’s no use picking a pair of trousers having tons of pockets, but all of them are difficult to reach.

· Extra features or attachments.

You may want to consider extra features, such as loops, waterproofing, zipper, and seams. You want trousers with solid stitched seams; otherwise, they will quickly fall apart. It would be better if the seams are doubled or even tripled stitched with reinforced nature. You also want to consider zippers that don’t fall apart easily, which means that they should have a certain cover or are designed in such a way to withstand the rough condition. Loops can be handy, allowing you to hang some of your tools conveniently. An elastic waist adds comfort during wearing it. Plus, it enables you to move easily without restriction.


With these many options, you shouldn’t have any issue finding the one that fits your requirements or needs. With 10 products (and each of its strengths and flaw), you have more than enough possible candidates for a more productive outcome. So, there you have it! Not only do you have some of the best products in the business, but now you know some of the useful tips to get you the right trousers. Hopefully, all of this information can help you sort through the many candidates for the best painters trousers and get you the perfect item for your needs.